Special Behind The Scenes Presentation with Rock Artist Freddie Nelson and His New Album“ Shake The Cage”

credit: Frank Vilsack
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Today I would like to present you with a special premiere feature from an exceptional artist, Freddie Nelson. Freddie is truly a sublime talent.

Hailing from Pittsburgh PA and leading in the genre of rock, Nelson has been likened to The Killers, The Beatles, on a wild day, and the legendary Queen. “Shake The Cage” is the name of the album and our feature behind the scenes video discusses the new single “The Show.”

Nelsons accolades are quit impressive and include collaboration with Paul Gilbert of Racer X and Mr. Big on the album “United States.” They toured Europe and Japan together shortly after that release. Later in 2015 he once again collaborated with Gilbert assist in the writing and arranging of new songs for Gilberts solo album “I Can Destroy.” This album was produced by Kevin Shirley and it was during this time that Freddie met Thomas Lang, world renowned drummer. It was after this chance meeting that Lang offered his superb talents to the project.

“The Show” behind the scenes presentation:

Freddie Nelson is not a stranger to the music scene and his style and presentation is second to none.

His musical career actually began at the young age of 11. From there he continued with his music and eventually formed a group called Too Tall Jones with Patrick Norman the bassist with Rusted Root. His stage presence lead crowds to describe him as likened to the great Freddie Mercury. Nelson has magnetism on stage and in his unique sound.

All songs on this new album “Shake the Cage” are produced, written and performed by Freddie Nelson. Artists performing on this album are Thomas Lang, drums and Nina Sainato, piano and keyboards. Nelson plays bass, guitars, B3, and percussion as well.

photo credit: Frank Vilsack

The album was mastered by Mazen Murad in London, UK a Metropolis Studios, mixed at X Music Studios in Los Angeles, CA by Rob Hill, and engineered by Freddie Nelson and Robby Breckinridge in Pittsburgh, PA.

Freddies music let’s us move in to the world of unseen magic produced by gifted artists who are sometimes buried in red tape and bureaucratic mumbo jumbo. In an industry that for some can be easily bought, what Nelson does is he brings the scenes out of the background, to the forefront and shows audiences what it’s really like to create the music, without using artificial formulas and instead using true performance and talent.

The record is called Shake The Cage, because I feel that a lot of music has become one dimensional with tools such as pitch correction and formulated songwriting. There is no substitute for hard work and honing your craft, and it’s time to challenge mediocrity,” “I let my instincts guide me, and this album is the result of living in the moment.” ~Freddie Nelson~

photo credit: Tara Bennett

The attention to detail on this album is impressive. This collection is 11 unbelievable tracks that not only show the impressive vocal range of Nelson but also his dynamic guitar skills as well. Presenting a collage of blues, pop, rock, and punk with lyrics and melodies that are truly memorable, your sure to find a favorite among them.

Be sure to visit the websites below and get your copy of “Shake The Cage” along with show dates and other information on this outstanding artist.



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