Film Composer Nashaat Salman Releases New EP Single “Unforgettable” from His Universal Melodies Collection

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Nashaat Salman is film composer and multimedia composer, as well as probably one of the most exceptional instrumentalist performers of today. He has composed music for both radio and television.

By profession Salman is a business manager and engineer who’s music is sometimes enjoyed as a side project. His career spans over two decades and his compositions have appeared on radio, television and various other multimedia projects. His path of study was orchestration and film scoring at Berkeley College of Music. He holds an MBA from the University of Manchester – UK.

His latest project is could best be described as a tribute to a distant relationship, a lost loved one, a special friend or maybe a relative. It is timeless, rich, and the vocals of Lakita Bagwell are enticing and engaging.

I see no way of placing his work in a genre or category. To do so would tarnish the gift of such visionary work. However others have described it in the style or genre of Orchestral, New Age, and World music. The EP single is “Unforgettable” and it is truly a classic work of art

“Unforgettable” begins with an excellent soft intro of piano and then this powerful voice breaks the barrier with supreme excellence of operatic majesty. Her voice is clear as a shining crystal, sharp as a razors edge and pure as the first snowfall of winter. I couldn’t stop listening. “Unforgettable” expresses such passion and desire for a deep love. Beautiful.

There are four versions of this song. One is instrumental only, the other includes the warm, rich vocals of Lakita Bagwell. A second version is presented with what seems to be minor changes in arrangement. The last version is what I call radio ready. Edited for radio with a beautiful partnership of violin and piano. It has a fuller orchestral feel that the other versions.

As you listen and drink in the piano, guitar, horns, and strings, feelings of passion and elegant poise infiltrates your senses. The music is hypnotizing and powerful yet fragile and refreshing. With a gentle touch on an operatic canvas, Bagwells voice is a perfect accompaniment to the classical instrumentation that paints a soothing ambient portrait. For your listening pleasure here is the video presentation.

The music project is Universal Melodies and the artist is Nashaat Salman. I’ve included a link for you to enjoy other ethereal pleasures composed by Salman.

Each song found in the Universal Melodies collection is primarily instrumental and each lends a deep texture and tone that could take you around the world in eighty minutes instead of eighty days. Each song is rhythmic, engaging, and atmospheric in appeal.

Located in the beautiful Meilen-Zurich Switzerland. Nashaat Salman is a solo artist and with the assistance of other gifted artists this collection is superb. Key performers are; Maria Grigoryeva with violin and viola, Ivan Myasnikov with double bass, and rounding out the string section is Lyudmila Kadyrbaeva with cello. Presenting the beautiful piano that you hear is Nashaat and Oscar Sjoberg. Completing the ensamble is Goran Eric on trumpet.

This EP single was recorded in Zurich and mixed and mastered by Chris Wonzer. All music was composed, produced and arranged by the infamous Nashaat Salman himself.

From Singapore to Indonesia you’ll travel the world in the elegance of each note, each cord and composition. Each selection has a taste of new age ethereal elegance to it’s pallet and the beauty of the vibrations will leave the listener so relaxed and infused with healing energy they’ll want more.


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