Mah-Ze-Tar Releases New Self Titled Album Featuring The Single “Liquid Lotus”

Maz Karandish is a master of many expressions. His music is ethereal and timeless. It transcends through various styles and his heritage and background seem to play a huge part in his passion for music and performance.

Released just this past October “Liquid Lotus” has earned many exceptional reviews. It has garnered high praise and as well it should. For this genre, World, Fusion, Ambient and what I like to call meditative music, it is of the highest standards.

This type of music is delicate and demands a fusion of the soul as well as the mind when it comes to creating something so unique. I’m not saying that other styles or genres require any less, only that this style of music requires the artist to go even deeper into the psyche.

Maz Karandish has been studying music since he was a young child and has delved deep into the extensive study of various world music traditions throughout the last two decades. His voice and the implementation of over a dozen various instruments gives life to these various forms of music.

His current and favored instrument is the sitar. It solidly roots his connection with Persian Classical and Folk music.

Our feature release today is “Liquid Lotus” and you can enjoy the video here:

This is Maz first album. It has 9 stylish and intrigue songs, each related to a particular Indian Raga. Maz speaks and sings in three different languages, English, Hindi, and Farsi. The depth and texture of the vocals accompanied with the instrumental talent allows the journey of movement in the album an ambient and rhythmic expression.

Instruments on this album are the Sitar, Dilruba, Bansuri, Turkish Saz, and Oud. Karandish has the vision to join traditional music from the East with a more modern electronic framework as a way of preserving various musical cultures. Maz covers Jazz, Opera, Harmony, Dastgah, Maqam, and Raga with fluid instrumental elegance yet his time today is focused on Persian and Indian music.

As I first began to listen I could picture in my mind the beautifully dressed dancers, dressed in silk scarfs and colorful dresses, swaying to and fro. The essence is relaxing and moving. The joining of dance, trance, and Eastern traditional music flows well and gives the listener a greater variety. This collection will be a timeless one. It will transcend generations and genres. Maz has a unique talent that as music continues to evolve he will continue to be an artist who’s talent will be highly sought.

Accolades for this artist include extensive touring around California and Oregon. He has performed atBurning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, and many other festivals on the West Coast. Maz has worked engaged in several collaborations with Kaminanda and Desert Dwellers, and actively records and performs with Indian Fusion Artist Priya Mohan.

Maz Karandish performed all instrumentation, vocals, & compositions on this album. His style would be considered World, Fusion, Ambient, and Experimental. He has also been likened to artists such as Karsh Kale, Anoushka Shankar, Karunesh, and Niyaz.

“Liquid Lotus soars through a plethora of musical traditions together in a meaningful way. There are endless possibilities when one utilizes world instruments and gliding vocals in sync with electronic textures and rhythmic grooves. Liquid Lotus uniquely fuses these elements together to create a sound completely unique and unheard of before.” ~Mah-Ze-Tar~

For more information on Maz-Ze-Tar please check out the links below and be sure to follow him on YouTube and FaceBook. Note: All media links and photography provided by Independent Music Promotions.

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