Jazz Master Extraordinaire Gideon King and City Blog Release Self Titled EP “City Blog”

City Blog courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
City Blog courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
City Blog courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Gideon King knows jazz and he knows it well. His accomplishments are well noted and he has worked with some of the most talented artists in the industry.

“City Blog” opens with exuberant sounds of piano, brass, and easy taps of percussion. Reminds me of dreaming I was at a high end jazz club strategically placed in downtown New York or LA in the days of Sinatra and Martin.

A collage of alternative jazz rock and pop fusion, this EP is a collectible and it just hit the racks shy of four weeks ago. The mellow comfort of the lyrics and the chocolaty feel of the music work well together to envision slow dances, brandy, and a warm fire.

Track one “City Blog” will immediately entice you to absorb each and every lyric as it sends you back into the crevices of the psyche in another dimension.

Gideon King courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Gideon King courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Critics have compared Gideon King and City Blog to artists such as Sting, Donal Fagan, and Steely Dan. Recorded at four of the best studio’s on the circuit, Strange Weather, Jungle City, Grand Street Recording and No Bad Music, this album is rich with jazz texture and mixed and mastered at No Bad Music Studio. His music has been dubbed in several categories, Jazz, classical jazz, fusion, pop crossover, jazz rock and even a splash of funk. Whatever you may call it, it’s dynamite.

A natural born native of the beautiful New York City, Gideon has been playing music since he was a youth, around the age of ten. He’s reviving the sounds of the past and doing it in a classical way. He’s doing it with real live musicians, real studio instruments and old fashion mixing and mastering instead of a world full of digital make believe. He has a natural born affinity for music and is one of the financial industries most notable hedge fund managers.

Gideon King courtesy of Independent Music Productions
Gideon King courtesy of Independent Music Productions

Track two “See In Double” is smooth as honey with a dash of bourbon. I love the piano as it reminds me of an old piano bar in a small village of the past.

Vocals are reaching the sky on this EP especially with talents such as Carolyn Leonhart who has worked with Steely Dan and Saul Kurtz, known for his unique and unmistakable soulful voice. You’ll also find the gifts of Marc Broussard, Elliott Skinner and Grace Weber.

The intro on track seven, “Glide” hit’s home with a sharp acoustic solo and then brings in the driving rhythm of the persuasion. As the vocals come through it’s airy and fresh with a beautiful siren sound from Grace Weber, who received the 2015 award for “Best Artist on The Verge” by New Music Seminar.

Phenomenal musicians make up this all star line up called City Blog. World renowned bass player James Genus of the Herbie Hancock band, and who also performed with the Saturday Night Live Band lends his gifted bass expressions on this album. Along with James is upright bass performer extraordinaire Matt Penman. His talents include bluegrass/funk jiving on the song Glide.

Gideon King courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Gideon King courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“Just Play” track nine, I do believe is my all time favorite. Easy listening jazz and magic. The piano is warm and inviting the lyrics are clear and crisp. Love, laugh, get mad, get even, just play. Enjoy life to the fullest. Exquisite.

Accompanying these insanely gifted artists are a few more of this rare breed. Willard Dyson and Donald Edwards on drums, Kevin Hays on keys, Donny McCaslin acclaimed jazz saxophonist and of course Gideon King himself.



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