Presenting “Manic Revelations” by Acclaimed Artist Pokey LaFarge

Courtesy of Nate Burrell
Courtesy of Nate Burrell

The sound is contagious. A soulful mix of country, blues, swing, jazz, and rock a billy, you’ll be intoxicated with the lyrics and the rhythm long before you get through the first song. LaFarge is like a blast from the past jumping in to the present with a sound there’s no denying will leave you waiting for more.

Pokey LaFarge will be appearing at the Mercy Lounge in Nashville on June 22nd and it’s sure to be a standing room only crowd.

Unfaltering rhythm, optimistic gospel-pop melody and bright pops of brass contrast with his pointed observations about race relations and police violence in America.” —Rolling Stone

Pokey is currently on tour promoting his latest album “Manic Revelations” and the reviews are dazzling as you can see from those shared here. This album is brought to you by Rounder Records. He is also touring the country and will be appearing in places like Solana Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and Vancouver. LaFarge will be making stops in New York’s Bowery Ballroom and Philadelphia’s World Cafe Live.

For your enjoyment I’d like to include the link to the official video for “Must Be A Reason”…..great song. You can enjoy the video here.

“…he presents this pensive but powerful weapon of a song in the form of a lively music video…Watch the video, then continue soaking up the words of LaFarge, who turned this flashpoint in American history into an earnest message of social consciousness that should make more than a few audiences stand up and cheer.” —HuffPost

Courtesy of Nate Burrell

LaFarge is like so many who should have been born in a era from the past. His music is alive with the passion that was so brightly expressed in the early stages of most of today’s most popular genres. His voice will immediately take you back in time.

Pokey has released seven studio albums since his debut in 2006 with this one being his eighth. His music is organic and natural, bewitching and sets the bar for a signature sound that’s all his. You’ll enjoy a mesmerizing mixture of bass, brass, piano, flute, and the lyrics are a page right out of every day living. He’s a troubadour from a vintage era that brings us classic roots music with a smooth soulful twist in a modern day world of Americana greats.

Here’s one retro-rocker who lives in the present. Pokey LaFarge sings like an old rockabilly shouter, and his backup on this song includes old-fashioned soul horns. But listen to the lyrics, which are about a race riot after a police shooting, trying to understand what happened and is happening. It’s like an explanation of now, delivered in an ancient language.” —The New York Times

Courtesy of Nate Burrell

Now I’ve found my groove,” says Pokey. “I don’t have to overcompensate anymore. Nobody looks and sounds like me. And I’m OK with that.” ~Pokey LaFarge~

For more information on Pokey LaFarge and his latest release “Manic Revelations” please check him out here at the following sites:

Photos courtesy of Nate Burrell

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