Jeff Ray Showing Off with His New Single “Somebody’s Cryin'” From His New Album “Our Little Town” on MERF Records

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

It is my pleasure to introduce to you an extremely talented artist I think has a bright and mighty future in the record business. Please welcome Jeff Ray to Nashville Music Guide. Your gonna love this new album and your especially gonna love “Somebody’s Cryin”…if it doesn’t touch your heart and wake you up I don’t know what will.

The introduction to “Somebody’s Cryin” grabs you from the first line. It talks about loss of loved one’s to suicide. Something that touches so many of us. It speaks of hope and of pain in heart break. But it’s a powerful song of holding on to strength and courage. The lead single & video come to us as a tribute to James, Jeff’s friend, who was lost to suicide. As a strong and huge advocate to bring awareness about mental illness and suicide prevention, this video and lead track is intended to help raise awareness and hopefully garner a greater support for not only our veterans but all those struggling.



Somebody’s cryin’, hiding from the light

Somebodys hoping, hoping theres a chance,

that you can make it through the night

Somebodys cryin, and they see you through eyes that used to shine so bright

Somebodys cryin, and theres no end in sight

~Jeff Ray~

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

A mid-tempo country rock song, it is a story of the cost of what so many go through. Especially our veterans. I especially like the ending where on the wall it says “The road that lead to home”, when he breaks open the door and the writing on the wall inside says…..But There’s Hope.

I loved the intro to the video and how it tells the story of the loss of his dear friend James and how it inspired him to write this amazing song. Please watch and enjoy the video below and please share with your friends.


Watch and share the video:


Originally from Parkersburg, West Virginia Jeff has a mega list of accolades. He played for many bands over the years, and toured all over the east coast of the U.S. He enjoyed seeing the sights with the Steve Hussey Band from 2009-2012 and when not on the road he worked with LoCash and Troy Olsen.

Music has been part of his life since he was a small child. Major influences on his choice of music are his grandfather, who was a gospel singer during the 70’s and shared his love of music with Jeff. Other influences are Tom Petty and John Mellencamp.

I would also like to mention two other tracks on this new album for your listening pleasure. “Ride Into The Sunset” is rocking. You will immediately begin to sway in your chair and tap your toes. Vocals are crisp and rich. Harmonies are tight, bright and smooth. Love the line, “I wanna drive with the wind in my hair ”….I’m telling you guys. This is what it’s all about. Great music.

Another big favorite for me is “ What If She Does”…makes you think of those young loves and finding your place in the heart of someone you want to spend time with…forever. Up tempo. Great guitar links and the bass/percussion tempo is perfect.

This album was produced by Gary Sadker, from Red Ridge Entertainment, in Nashville, TN and the release comes to us from MERF Records (

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

This country/rock/Americana singer-songwriter has a lot to share. Be sure to pick up a copy of the album or check out the websites below for more information.


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