Nashville Artist Will Jackson Presents Us With “Songs From The Briarpatch”

Nashville based artist and super talented songwriter, Will Jackson recently released an amazing collection of tunes called “Song From the Briarpatch.” The mix is tight and the LP is well mastered to perfection.

Jackson has performed thousands of shows around downtown Nashville and has built a great following of not only locals but folks around the country who enjoy his music.

From the artist:

“Songs From the Briarpatch” came into fruition after falling in love with the exploding Americana genre in Nashville TN. There’s a little corner of music that’s always inspired me; not too heavy, not too soft, great melodies, and most importantly a heavy emphasis on well written, thoughtful songwriting. After playing in various bands and trying to achieve this sound on a few projects, I feel that I’ve put out a release that truly reflects the artist that I am, and want to develop. I’m grateful for anyone who listens and resonates with these songs. ~Will Jackson~

Will was born in and raised in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and grew up in a home where music was always present and never a day passed where the house wasn’t filled with the sound of music. His love of his dad’s classic rock and his mom’s love of musical theater melded together with his siblings love of alternative rock, his friends affinity for the Top 40 hits, all marked the common ground of what would soon be his foundation for his own music, his own interpretation and his inspiration for solid songwriting.

His vocals are superb, clear, precise, and the lyrics bring you in to the balance of every song. On “Good Enough for You,” I hear a splash of Bryan Adams, and maybe a soft touch of Jason Aldean. It’s that soft touch of country boy meeting his city twin. I really enjoyed the guitar solo’s, they were energized and felt like lightening.

Polaroid and Parade” is like a gently rolling field of wild flowers and sunshine. It’s smooth and inviting and warm. The folk style melodies and deep heart tugging lyrics bring you in to the moment.

Wholesome and uplifting, Will’s music is fresh and his desire to bridge the gap of his music in Nashville to his heart in Carolina is a true foundation for solidifying himself as a Nashville artist and one who loves what he’s doing

Walking On Fire” opens with a nice electric guitar that feels like a touch of blues with a touch of old fashion southern grace. I swear each song brought me in to the story. I could close my eyes and I was right there. Wonderful.

Press quote:

Jackson is a versatile singer-songwriter who creatively infuses his tracks with an enthralling sentimentality that reflects how his relationships, as well as his experiences in his hometown of Nashville, have influenced his views of the world. ‘Songs From the Briarpatch’ is a stunningly unforgettable and relatable mixture of Americana, country and heartland rock vocals, lyrics and instrumentals that reminds its listeners that no matter what circumstances they may find themselves in, they should always embrace the good elements of their lives. ~ Karen Benardello, Shock Ya!~

This album is warm, welcoming and inviting. It’s the backdrop for warm sunny days around the pool or sitting on the porch enjoying a warm breeze a sip of sweet tea and drinking in the melody of each song.

For more information on this talented artist please visit the links below.

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Instagram: will_jackson_music
Youtube Channel: WillJacksonMusic
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