Powerful Tribute to the Victims of the Vegas Shooting Disaster; British Columbia Folk Rock Artist D.G. Adams presents “Vegas”

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Introducing D.G. Adams folk rock/roots artist, whose style is similar to a young Bob Dylan or Neil Young. His song “Vegas” was released in October of this past year and has received solid reviews. It is included on the new album “The Old Heart” and you really must have a copy.

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Not only is he a musician, Donald Adams is a man of many talents. He is a television and film actor who has appeared in Lifetime’s Merlin and the Book of Beats, Fox’s Alcatraz, in 2017 he appeared in Lionsgate’s Power Rangers and in MGM’s The Betrayed. Even though he has spread his wings in other major avenues music is his one true love.

Late last year in October the nation was horrified at the brutal attack during a concert in Las Vegas where hundreds were injured and over fifty were killed. Several country artists, including Jason Aldean, who was on stage when the shooting occurred, were in shock and disbelief. Their lives and the lives of those attending and the lives of the families and friends who survived have forever been scared.

Adams was so touched by the event that he sat down and penned, “Vegas”, a “pulling at your heart strings” soul burning song filled with emotion and strong views of how our world is affected by such heinous acts.

The sales and proceeds from the song “Vegas” go to the victims of the Vegas shooting and their families. Here is a short snippet of the lyrics. There are a few lines that really stood out for me and are highlighted in bold.

“Terror from the 32nd floor

Still don’t know what he was fighting for

But his automatic weapon left 60 people dead

Just can’t imagine the hatred in his head

Vegas strip where the lights shine bright

So many lights have gone out tonight

Vega strip where the money flows

Send some of that money to the orphans and the widows

Vegas, Vegas, Vegas

Where the lights shine bright

So many lights have gone out tonight

Terror has no color or nationality

Guns have no conscience

That’s left up to you and me

How many more will fall dead in the street

Before the politicians

Stand up to the gun elite?”

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“Vegas” reminds me of our southern mountain folk music. As I began to listen I was covered with chills. He reminds me of country southern rock outlaw Chris Stapleton with a folk twist. Harmonies are partnered well and lend a haunting, stirring offering of compassion, as the lyrics speak of the fear and the horror of a tragedy that affected so many.

Music has been part of his life from his mid teens and his creativity is broad and his canvas is endlessly filled. He has never been one to shy away from fully expressing his beliefs and feelings in the lyrics or tone of his music. His pallet extends from raw ballads to foot tapping softer rock tempos.

He has several albums to his credit but this single has recently brought about a greater awareness of the need for better gun control laws, a greater awareness of mental illness, and how we are all responsible for the care and safety of our country and our rights.

You can get a digital copy of the song for only $1 on Amazon and all proceeds will, as mentioned before go to the victims, their families, and loved ones. There’s a strong message here and to have talented artists such as D.G. Adams and others use that talent in a humbling and committed way to help benefit others in need.

For more information on Donald (D.G) Adams and how you can get your copy of the song please visit the sites below.


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