Michael P Cullen & the Soul Searchers With “Black Dog”

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Kinda reminds me a bit of Bowie. I love the dark splash of mystery and haunting groove. Reminds me of some of Bowie’s darker days about twisted love and heartbreak.

Psychedelic rock maybe, resounding through smoke filled rooms. Originally delivered on the 2014 album “True Believer” this is a live dish best served steaming. Cullen comes across with a mysterious dark yet dramatically haunting voice of pure velvet. Drenched in just the proper lighting to imbue a hint of almost a Gothic tone, this single impresses.

Filmed at the Lazybones Lounge in Sidney Australia this alternative rock song is sure to be one of Cullen’s best. Michael’s work is mystifying, classic, yet timeless and evergreen. It appeals to all generations. It would be disrespectful to the talent of this artist to place him in one genre or category. His talent is far reaching.

The Sydney-based lounge lizard artfully marries Southern Gothic dustiness to black-sequined seediness in a way that actually reveals a true sense of class”. Monster Magnet Records (Los Angeles)

The opening track of “True Believer is “Black Dog”, performed live here in the following video. Backed by the magnificent Soul Searchers, lead by Tim Powles, Cullen and the group draw the audience in to this haunting melody that will entice you to want to hear the entire album.


The best way to hear just how tight and how talented a group is would be to do just what Cullen has done here, record live. You’ll know if there were missed notes, mess up’s and glitches in pitch, vocals, or instrumentation. These guys are dead on. Crossing genres Cullens work is an eclectic work of alternative rock, pop, blues, jazz, and anything in between. His sound is unique to his own style, his own statement and when you hear him once you’ll know him from then on. There’s simply no mistaking his voice or his music.

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

This is a dazzling piece of music mastery. It is passionate, edgy and raw. Just simply….great music.

The video was directed and filmed by Graham Gall, an award winning Australian film maker in front of a live audience.

True Believer is a hedonistic, lush, red velvet-curtained fragile and beautiful album. Imbued with the sexual frustration and louche ambivalence of Robert Forster from The Go-Betweens and underpinned by a Nick Cave-like gothic baritone darkness, each listen reveals more complex layers, greater humour and a melodic strength. Every song is great – flashes of Tindersticks and Leonard Cohen weaving in and out of this lounge-room lothario performing in a haze of smoke and whiskey.” Backseat Mafia (London)

Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Currently located in Sydney Australia and standing in the Adult Alternative Rock style, Cullen impresses upon his fans a hint of Nick Cave, The Go Betweens and Angels of Light. Musicians performing on this album are: Michael P Cullen with vocals and guitar. The Soul Searchers are: Tim Powles on drums, percussion, and vocals, James Harland-Wright on guitar, Andy Sharpe on the bass, and Craig Wilson rounding out this outstanding group of musicians on the keyboards, and vocals.

True Believer is a smooth nine track album of … songs about regret, bitterness and a love gone sour. The vocals are a rich baritone cocktail of spoken word, singing and crooning while [Tim]Powles provides seamless, charming accompaniment on the keys and drums. It’s intoxicating. It has to be experienced.” Rip It Up Magazine (Brisbane)
This album was produced by Michael P Cullen & Tim Powles.


Official: www.michaelpcullen.com
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/michael-p-cullen
Facebook: http://bit.ly/michaelpcullenfacebook
BandCamp: https://michaelpcullen.bandcamp.com
YouTube: http://bit.ly/MichaelPCullenYouTube

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