Mangoseed Not Your Every Day Reggae Band

Mangoseed courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Mangoseed courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Each member has their own signature style and together the four of them have created something so organic and earthy it’s a genre of it’s own.

It’s a feel good all over kinda day when your able to pull this CD from your collection. No matter if the sun is shining or the rain is coming down this collection of songs will bring you forward into a futuristic style ready to meet the present day.

MangoSeed is not your every day Reggae band. They are hard rock/funk/reggae, and no mistaking it, they have their own brand of this mix.

Gritty and rocking with a splash of red hot rhythm, “Lioness” is carnivorous with power and a message of a woman on a mission for payback. The blend of strings with the bass and harmonies of “This Life” is moving. It makes you want to get up and dance.

Mangoseed blends various styles into a mix that suits them and their music as if it were tailor made. It is because if you listen you’ll hear the blends of each individual performer and the link between the four of them that makes up Mangoseed.

“Army of One” is fast, brisk, and reminiscent of the true Reggae style. It intoxicates you into breathing in the rhythm making your body want to move, move, move.

This South London fusion band consists of four amazing artists hailing from Australia, Ireland, Jamaica, and Trinidad. Front man Nicholai La Barrie and Karlos Coleman, guitarist, formed the band in 2008.

Mangoseed: Left-Right.. Richard Hardy, Nicholai La Barrie, Karlos Coleman and Sam Campbell
Mangoseed: Left-Right.. Richard Hardy, Nicholai La Barrie, Karlos Coleman and Sam Campbell

Since that time these guys have made quite the impression world wide. Their music dynamic is take music that will share a life changing message and also give you the passion to want to dance and enjoy life.

Mangoseed supports several charities and fund-raising events such as Sahara Arts Oasis and Music for Children. They are a global fusion explosion.

When you see them you automatically think total reggae band but these guys are much bigger than that. They are an explosion of colorful sound that takes you in and infuses into your mind a kaleidoscope of funk/rock/reggae expressions of life. They are Mangoseed.

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