Charlie Funk Rocking Out to a True Groove Move Releases “Give Me A Groove”

Give Me A Groove courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Give Me A Groove courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

I love the True Groove All Stars collective. Filled with some of the countries most gifted blues, soul, and funk rock artists this collaboration of genuine talent is busting at the seams. Today we highlight Charlie Funk aka Charles Maynard.

Charlie has for awhile worked as a songwriter and lyricist for True Groove Records. Now he steps into the limelight with his own creation in his debut album “Give Me A Groove”. This album features a long list of the best blues artists in the industry.

Artists such as Michael “Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton. Mac Gollehon with Horn Arrangements who shared his talents with David Bowie, Simply Red, and Nile Rodgers. Included in this EP is the ever marvelous and powerful Marla Mase.

Genre type would be considered alternative funk with a jump start of soul. The album has an all together balance of highs and lows that make it rich with soulful depth.

Charlie has a natural ability to express his true feelings with such passion that no matter if it’s a slow groove or thumping funky rock piece, it’s sure to be one of kind. His experience as a songwriter has allowed him to grasp the full concept of what funk, soul, and blues really are.

Funks addition to the True Groove All Stars has placed him with a phenomenal class of artists. All the members of the All Stars are extremely talented and each have their own style and unique way of expressing their passion in music.

Charlie Funk courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Charlie Funk courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“Lunch In Babylon” featuring the amazing Marla Mase and Mike Hampton is original and packed with authentic and extremely accomplished musicians. I love the electric guitar and percussion. This is more funky rock for me. I could see this on stage with a lot of energy behind it. Great mix and balance of vocals and instrumentation. This song was written by Charlie Funk, Tomas Doncker, and James Dellatacoma, and features Marla Mase, Amp Fiddler on keyboards, and Michael Hampton on guitars.

Funks style is a perfect blend of blues, soul and funk and it gives the listeners a great mix that will allow them to find a favorite even if they don’t groove to them all. “Give Me A Groove” was released on February 26, 2016 and produced by the infamous Tomas Doncker and James Dellatacoma from True Groove.

Artists appearing on this album are: Charlie Funk with lead vocals. Tomas Doncker guitar and vocals, Nick Rolfe- keyboards, vocals, Michael “Kidd Funkadelic” Hampton on guitar, James Dellatacoma on guitar, keyboards and programming. We also have the amazing Marla Mase making a special appearance and lending her alluring voice on “Lunch in Babylon”, Norman Edwards on drums, and Mike Griot on bass. Charlie also has Josh David on bass and vocals.

Charlie Funk courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Charlie Funk courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“It’s Not A Joke” featuring Amp Fiddler is an exceptional mix and reminds me a little of Earth Wind and Fire. Love the jive and groove and the intense brass. Outstanding.

Funk has created a hit making collection and has included some of the best in this collection mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studio.

“It’s Not Unusual” takes off with a great intro of brass and of course this song is a big favorite from it’s popularity with England’s legendary Sir Tom Jones. Smooth and easy, this song is a keeper. I loved the mesmerizing sway of the melody, it impelled me to want to dance. This rendition is one of the best I’ve heard. Excellent choice Charlie. This song was written by Les Reed and Gordon Mills.

For more information on Charlie and where you can enjoy even more of his music you can visit the following sites:

Twitter: @truegroove1
Facebook: ttps://
Instagram: @truegrooverecords

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