Ronjo V releases “Ronjoism” to Rave Reviews

Ronjoism cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Ronjoism cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Ronjoism cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

I loved the reverse effects with the video. Wonderful concept of reversal. It’s like a suggestion that tells us we can turn back time. Erase the past and begin again.

Ronjo V is made up of two outstanding artists who’s deeper vision and concept for what they hope to express with their music is limitless.

This Austin, TX based duo, Ryan Joseph and Keith Morgan, who call themselves Ronjo V have touched on something natural, distinct, and unique. The music industry is a vast collection of always aspiring and creative artists who want to share with the world their take on a particular genre of harmonious declarations, Ronjo V has done just that.

“Slow Motion” is almost mesmerizing as you watch the video. It’s as if time has suddenly hit reverse mode and everything is fresh, new and beautiful again. To me it almost implies rebirth.

Ronjo V is just one of those artists who’s prose and stylistically lyrical expression makes people sit up and really listen. Somewhere between a psychedelic infusion of indie rock and an eclectic blend of alternative pop rock, these two artists have set themselves apart from the plain and ordinary and jumped straight to unrestrained and polished.

Ronjov V courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Ronjov V courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Instrumentation is a key point with this group, along with the rich vocals and engaging artistic creation. Present in the instrument manipulation you will find balance, melodious expression and ethereal atmospheric pallets of pure genius.

“Dying Wish” gives us psychedelic charm with ease. It wakes up the senses and says pay attention. To me it was saying get out of the mind set that has you brainwashed and pay attention to what’s happening around the world and in our life before it’s too late. Death and destruction will take over if we don’t wake up. Reminds me of The Doors on a mellow night.

“Unfriend” is inspiring with the opening acoustic and the smooth blend of harmonies is engaging. Brings the listener in . Would love to hear this live. I close my eyes and I see an outdoor festival with balloons and cool mist flowing in the breeze as two lovers contemplate where they go from here. Lyrically it’s a free flowing verse, instrumentally it presents a warm fuzzy vibe of Woodstock.

Ryan and Keith courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Ryan and Keith courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Ronjo V might be small town but they are hitting like the big time. These guys are going places and fast. Thought to be comparative to artists like Radiohead and White Strips, Ronjo V is an artist to watch for the 2016/2017 rising artists watch list. Released in October of 2015 and produced at Major Label Records/5th Street Studios this album is filled with an eclectic flavor of true classic Alternative Rock and a mix of experimental Pop/Rock.

Placed in the ranks of Radiohead and Modest Mouse, Ronjo V has already made a huge impression on the industry and placed themselves in a solid position to keep earning accolades of the highest caliber.

Collaborative musical partners since their college days, Ronjo V, made up of two creative artists, Ryan Joseph and Keith Morgan have without a doubt created something unique to them and to their style. Production skills such as the mixing and mastering and complete engineering of the collection is a testament to the musical knowledge and experience in “Ronjoism”, it is one of a kind.

Be part of the dream and shoot on over to the following sites for more information on Ronjo V and how you can purchase their music and/or possibly catch a live show.


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