Brainsqueezed Releases “I Am Not a Robot”

Brainsqueezed is French musical project that was created in the mid-90’s by Sebastien Laloue. It is truly a diverse and eclectic collection of electric atmospherics influenced by past alternative rock artists that are similar to Guns N Roses and the Black Crowes. It is a futuristic collection that will be a timeless one no doubt.

Press quote: I Am Not a Robot” is a theme-heavy journey through one man’s mind seen through the eyes of a robot. As the album progresses you can feel the cinematic landscape of the music grow from track to gloriously bohemian track. I loved it. Unapologetically picturesque, brazenly ambient, kitchy cool, with huge sounds lovingly arranged. It’s an ode to Jeff Lynn’s “War of The Worlds.” In fact, world in and of itself. Alien and still familiar. Which fits perfectly with a Frenchman living in Sidney, don’t you think? ~Samanatha Simmonds-Ronceros, NOHOARTSDISTRICT.COM~

This album is cool and breezy and has a motion that melds together, especially with the bass and the synths. If going to the extreme is what your looking for then you’ll find it here. Rarely if will you find on one album that every song begins with a drum intro. It’s a bold move but it works. 

Press quote: Once you’ve been hooked, you gotta listen to I Am Not A Robot once more, maybe twice, and each time you’ll feel like you’re hearing something you didn’t hear before. And you know what, that’s a good thing. There’s quality musicianship throughout the album, with some familiarity, but for the most part the album is like nothing that’s around now. ~ Rob Perez~

 Those who choose to go beyond the norm most definitely are the one’s who make a big leap and leave a mark on the music industry. This album does that. It is so different that it’s uniqueness makes it desired.

Musicians performing on this album are: Sébastien Laloue – all instruments, programming and vocoder.
Marcello Vieira – lead and backing vocals on “More”, “My fears in the night”, “I will walk…again”, “It tears me apart”, “Down Under”, “Taking Lives”, and “Give up the Fight”, Audrey Karrasch – lead and backing vocals on “Run”, “Afraid of the dark” and “Give up the Fight”, Brandon Autry – electric guitars on “More”, “My fears in the night”, “I will walk…again”, “It tears me apart”, “Down Under”, “Dawn (Song for Richard Wright)”, “Taking Lives” and “Black Summer 2019-2020”
Alex Paclin – harmonica on “More” and “Down Under”,Hugo Lee – saxophone on “Black Summer 2019-2020”
Yoed Nir – Strings performance/cello & string arrangement on “Afraid of the dark” and “Black Summer 2019-2020”
Xana Chambers – voice over on “Black Summer 2019-2020”, Ben Worsley – Mix and master at Everland Studios, Sydney.

Press quote:  The most remarkable thing about the latest album from Brainsqueezed, I Am Not a Robot, has easily got to be the arrangements. They’re extremely varied, extensive, and sprawling, oftentimes taking several minutes to reach full capacity and burst into the tunes these songs are meant to be. ~Deuce~

The guitars are the high points in this album. The talent of coupling with the percussion section make it one of a kind. In today’s market a lot of albums get caught up the grind and become stagnate, not this one. This album is so unique that I see it moving and grooving on the charts for decades to come. It’s absolutely a timeless piece that will take the listeners into the future, literally.

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