New York Rocker Jason Vitelli with “Head Above Tide” and New Lyric Video “Labyrinthine”

This is the third full length album for Jason Vitelli and consists of 14 musically masterful songs. His analysis and exploration of the conditions and caliber of human life is eloquently expressed in each and every song. “Head Above Tide” is a romance, a comedy, a fantasy, a tragedy and a grand adventure. Your gonna love it.

“The reason that we love film and art is that they bring us out of ourselves, show us someone else’s reality, and in doing so, allow us to understand ourselves more through the process,” he says. “It is my goal to help people open their eyes to a broader horizon. As hard as life can be, grace and compassion will always keep our heads above the rising tide.” ~Jason Vitelli

As I close my eyes I can see “Labyrinthine” as the theme for maybe a light goth movie such as “Twilight” or something in that category. It’s got that mesmerizing theatrical motion and groove. I loved the bass and the deep percussion section.

Vocals are also enticing and bring you into the theme of the song and the lyrics. It’s as if you are part of the story, sitting there in the midst of the fluid movement and rhythm.

Jason’s inspiration for the lyrics of his songs came from the ideas of how people face adversity and life’s daily obstacles. He looked at love and romance, family, fantasy and cultural surroundings, and how individuals face the same obstacles he may have faced, yet far different in certain circumstances.

In the song “The Persecuted” he looks back in to the recent history of topics with the State Supreme Court issues validating thoughts on marriage equality… ~ “When you are going through a difficult moment, it helps to realize that persecuted people, even in the throes of despair, have found ways to overcome their struggles,” ~ Jason Vitelli~

Vitelli was born and raised in Long Island and describes vividly one of his first childhood instinctive memories. “I was interested in creating something from nothing, and sharing it with other people. I felt like an outsider to some degree; introverted and intrigued by intricacy.” ~ Jason Vitelli~

The next super outstanding cut is “Autumn Hymn” and in it Vitelli echo’s the super sonic sounds of marching bands fading in the dusk at twilight.

By joining together his enticing lyrics and melding them together effortlessly with his rich baritone voice he has created a musical phenomena, one that has opened a new world of possibilities in a never ending universe of new worlds…all in one haunting album.

~ “Though I loved composing for film because of the visual component, I was sitting in front of a computer all of the time. When I did my first open mic as a performer I was hooked – I wanted to commune with an audience directly.” ~ Vitelli~

You’ll find a huge amount of talent included in this album with the following musicians:
The gifted Jason Vitelli on vocals, keyboards, rhythm/lead guitars, alto sax, and bass guitar. Michael O’Brien also on bass guitar and Yorgos Maniatis on drums, shaker and pandeiro. Included in this amazing mix is Max Castro on congas, Lisa Trenary with backup vocals, Cherette White also with backup vocals, and rounding out the group Dave Ramsay and Richard Padrón on lead guitar.
Vitellis music falls into the genre of
Art Rock, Chamber Pop, Progressive Rock and he has been likened to artists such as Elvis Costello, Kevin Gilbert, and David Bowie.

“These songs coalesced around the idea of facing adversity and overcoming obstacles,” says Jason. “Over the years I’ve resolved my angst and became more sympathetic.” Jason Vitelli

This amazing album was self produced by Jason Vitelli and released on January 17th of this year. Jason completed all arrangements, recording and mixing along with Art Halperin – recording and mixing at and Barry Diament – mixing and mastering at

All photo’s and cover art courtesy of Independent Music Promotions.

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