Staring Into Nothing Releases Debut Album “Power” and Receives Outstanding Reviews

Staring Into Nothing is a trio of progressive rock artists who have released an awesome new album called “Power”. It is described as “ a dark, artistic exploration of corruption, abuse, and oppression”, but with a deep seeded desire to wake up the world to something better.

Steve Rogers is great visionary and accompanying him is Savannah Rogers and Kurt Barabas, who together form a compelling trio of influential talent. Together they have written over thirty songs that focus on some compelling real life situations. Topics may range from effects of war, to love and romance and something that a lot of folks are experiencing every day, abuse of power.

These darker themes bring out the other side of the realistic part of life. So many songs focus on the lighter side of things like love and happiness and joy and having fun. We all know that there is another side and these guys dig deep to bring awareness to that.

“Power” seeks to inspire us to wake up from the dogma of brainwashing we have been subjected to for so long. It’s a message of peace set in a tone of despair. This album is a progressive rock album it’s instrumentation is spot on and the vocals are enriching.

Staring Into Nothing melds the epic structure of progressive rock with the tuneful moodiness of new wave.” ~ Huffington Post~

This trio is not afraid to speak up about political issues in the world or other topics that at times might seem socially unacceptable. So many people don’t want to talk about it because they think if they don’t it will just go away. In all actuality not speaking up and speaking out breeds the deception and furthers the course of dark power.

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Staring Into Nothing is made up of Steve Rogers on piano, keys, lead/backing vocals. Accompanying him is Savannah Rogers on guitar, and also lead/back up vocals. Pulling the trio together is Kurt Barabas on bass and guitars. You’ll also enjoy several other outstanding artists lending their talents to this collection. Matt Chamberlain joins on drums, David Levita on guitars, Jamie Muhoberac on keyboards, Pop Levi and Andrea Meli bringing in some back up vocals.

The energy level of this album is bar none and right on target for progressive rock fans. It has a great story telling affect and expresses the depth of the care put in to the songs and the collective work.

There’s high energy and slow, low ebbs of intrigue with each song. It’s super related to today’s daily struggle and it offers up some of the best instrumentation and vocals out there currently on the progressive rock scene.

Power is a strong album, especially if you’re into gleaming progressive rock. The melodies ooze undulating waves of harmonic colors and the vocal harmonies complement the expansive nature of the music. Staring Into Nothing has produced an assertive album worth listening to. ~

Even though there are darker shades of gray, so to speak in the album, the vibe is positive and brings a supernatural atmosphere that breathes easy listening and solid groove in the mix.

This album was produced and mixed at Red Oak Studio’s by Mark Needham, Audio Engineering was done by Ben O’Neill and Assistant Mix Engineering was done by Tyler Spratt and Nick Townsend worked his magic on Mastering. This album is well mixed and mastered and brings a higher quality than some long running professional acts which lends a point we should bring attention to. These guys are professionals that are setting the bar high even for those who’ve been in the business for years.


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