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Ghostly Beard is the moniker for an outstanding artist by the name of Patrick Talbot. Talbot is a hugely creative and artistic visionary oracle. His imagination has no boundaries or limits when it comes to his music and artistic endeavors. Preferring to remain in the shadows he goes by the name Ghostly Beard.

When I first read his story it reminded me of the magical and overwhelming soul grabbing story of the Phantom of the Opera. I remember the first time I saw it live at the Majestic Theater in New York. It was deeply passionate and all consuming. Kinda like the music you hear in this collection but totally on the other end of the spectrum. With the Phantom we could see and hear him but with Ghostly Beard he chooses to stay in the dark and tempt us with his voice and his music instead. Excellent.

The music is all consuming. It brings you in to the story, to the lyrics and to the true and deep emotions it took to write them. Lyrics that express how you might be feeling that you haven’t been important or mattered to anyone but yet at the end you realize that all along you’re one of the most important pieces in the whole relationship.

This video is awesome in that as you watch and listen you can see how much we take for granted each day by not taking the time to slow day and just get away. “Got a good feeling we’re going away”….love the guitar rifts and the solid percussion on this one.

“Inward” is a ten track collection of a great mix with classic rock, soft rock, Jazz fusion and Progressive rock. It is reminiscent of Michael Franks, Gabriel, Eric Clapton, Steely Dan and a hot splash of Pink Floyd. As a special treat you’ll also hear Emma Caiman as special guest vocals on “Night Train” and special guest vocals from Sarah Talbot on “Going Away.” All instruments and vocals on the album are Patrick Talbot. This album was mixed, mastered and recorded by Patrick Talbot at Studio GB in Montreal, Canada.

Ghostly Beard’s creativity has been likened to a kaleidoscope with it’s boundless and eclectic pallet. It’s texture is openly diverse spanning a landscape that reaches infinity. His almost 15 year retirement from the music world has exploded with over 40 new songs that have effortlessly flowed from his senses and created a series of songs that just may be the most exceptional set of songs to be released this year.

“Returning to music was hard at first because I was frustrated with my loss of technique,” shares the Montreal, Canada-based artist. “But when I re-discovered the pleasure of song-writing, I found myself mining an emotional depth I hadn’t reached before.”

The layering of the various guitar tracks gives it a rich and full bodied essence. I enjoyed the blues expressions on “Autumn Blues” and “Night Train” was especially excited with the story of two strangers traveling on a train and fantasizing about a possible chance meeting….maybe with a new love.

“Not showing my face is a choice I’ve made as a reaction to our self/image-obsessed society, and it goes with my message which is to put the music forward and forget the faces. What I look like, who I am is unimportant in the end…” -~Ghostly Beard ~

For more information on Ghostly Beard and how you can lay your hands on this superb collection of music please check out the links below and enjoy. 

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