“Take Over” by Rising New Pop/Hip Hop Artist Har’Monique

Described as a gorgeous Afro Caribbean song, this new single “Take Over” is definitely making waves.

This song has garnered over 35,000 views on you tube in just 4 weeks. Fan population is gaining in numbers fast. Her newest release is moving up the airwaves fast and fans are helping to build the momentum. Her determination as a young up and coming artists is one that proves she’s here to stay. She released a single a few years back and took a short break after a personal break up. Now she’s moving up the music charts with rapid speed and determination.

She is fresh, beautiful and her sound and style is addictive. You really must check out this newest single by Monique Fraser, better known as Har’Monique. Her style and her music is plowing a path through music charts, radio airwaves and youtube with a huge bang. Produced by kontrabandz and on an independent label “Take Over” is heating up the music airwaves.

Press Release Artist Bio: Monique Fraser was born and raised in NY between Brooklyn and Binghamton NY. She first found her love for music about eight years ago when she met her ex. She released one single and then took a two year break contemplating returning after a very hard break up. She finally decided in February 2021 that she wasn’t going to let a minor set back hold her back from her destiny and true passion in life, so she’s back and better than ever. This self titled album soon to be released, October 15th, will have 16 tracks long with a full variety of sounds some dark, some pop a little hip hop and r&b as well as her signature Caribbean Afro beats.

Press quote: Clean vocals and fun, catchy melodies seem to be what fans can expect from Har’monique’s upcoming album, if “Take Over” and “High Feelings” are anything to go by. With her near operatic voice and her style already strongly defined, this artist is poised to make melodic, Caribbean waves in the R&B world very soon. ~Layla Marino, Youredm.com~

Artist comment: According to Har’Monique, in music and life she’s “working hard to be just a little better than I was yesterday”.

This talented young artists blends a fusion on reggae, Caribbean, R&B, and pop into her own impeccable style infused wit a club ready groove that is soon to be so hot on the charts there will be no stopping her. Beautiful, talented and a rising star would describe Har’Monique to a tee. You’ll find a smooth blend with dance-hall swing, and island flavor, her vocals are crisp and rhythmic, your body will move and sway and your gonna want to keep this on your replay button.

Press quote: That sense of self-assurance & unmitigated passion is exactly why the rising artist will still be around in twenty years while others fall by the wayside. Har’Monique possesses a “cant stop, won’t stop” mentality that will help her triumph amidst overwhelming odds! ~meidamaverick, Insomniac Magazine~

This young artist is similar to Rihanna, Normani, and Tinasha in the categories of Hip Hop, and Pop. Her swirling tones and flowing vibes are sexy, smooth and sensuous. The over all feel of this single is to get you up and moving your body. For more information on this talented young artist please visit the sites below.

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/harMonique23/
Spotify: Har’Monique
Youtube Channel: Har’Monique
Artist Contact Email: moniquef_132@yahoo.com

Press quote: I love this track. In fact, it’s addictive. Danceable, in a subtle way, soft and swaying. I guess that’s the Afro Caribbean vibe. Har’Moniqueis a talent to watch for sure. I’m really looking forward to the album!!! Loved it!!!

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