“If All The World Were Right” by Andrew Reed

This album is “about my journey, but I don’t think it is unique to me at all. Most of us go through really tough patches during our lives. So much of it has to do with our thinking and the emotions that result from our thinking. We are constantly thinking about how to interpret or reconcile our lives… BUT we have a choice in how we experience the world! And all it takes to improve things is to change your thinking or perception of things. Once I got ahold of that idea many years ago, Bam! My life changed! We tend to become what we think about…and it is about that simple. So I started to think positively, about all the options there are…and how I could see others in a more loving way…without judgment or without the need to call them “right or wrong”…but just accept everyone as they are…and trust in Life.” ~ Andrew Reed ~

Coming to you all the way from Ashville NC we introduce to you Andrew Reed and “If All The World Were Right”, I can’t stop listening to it. I must be honest and say it’s addictive. The entire album is filled with uplifting enjoyable music.

The songwriting is unwavering, the lyrics are filled with inspiring challenges for us to all take a good look at ourselves and to believe that there is hope. You’ll find hint’s of 70’s mellow guitars and inviting piano notes met with at times an easy flowing percussion unit, and the sax, cello and trumpet bring it all together.

You’ll find light folk, soft rock, a splash of light country and without a doubt 100% damn good music. It could at times feel like….I took a step back in time to Woodstock.

Such an amazing expression of musical art:

There is an amazing line up of very talented musicians on the is collection and they each carry a huge part of this superb creation. Accompanying Andrew on this album are Trevor Walker/Rob Geisler on bass (Space Apache), on keys and piano you’ll find Aaron Price (Space Apache). Bringing up the backing vocals is Courtney Hodges and percussion with Paul Babelay. Blasting out the trumpet is Alex Bradley followed up with Joseph Dowdy on sax. Kyle Snuffer comes in on Trombone and on viola is Kara Poorbaugh. Franklin Keel blends so nicely on the cello and of course we must include the gracious leader on guitar, Andrew Reed (Space Apache). Wow, what a line folks. You truly must include this album in your collection.

The group fits so nicely into the genre and style of Americana rock, or new classic rock. They have been likened to artists such as The Moody Blues, the legendary Tom Petty, Sherryl Crow and Seals & Croft.

There are five other albums that precede this one and each one stands out hugely. For your enjoy please check out Seach for Significance (2007), Delusions of Grandeur (2009), Shadowlands (2010), I Am…(2012), and Smokin’ Voyages-Space Apaches (2015). Your gonna want them all. Reed’s accolades include leading the critically acclaimed session-player group, Space Apaches (Smokin’ Voyages 2015). He has also produced legendary blues musicians like tough Texan, John McVey and the late great Frosty Smith as well as multiple Grammy-winning artists and nominees.

This album speaks for itself. It’s wholesome, true, humble, and it makes you want to be free. It gives you the feeling of being one with the world and with life. As soon as the first note began to play all I wanted to do was sway and dance and just enjoy living. No drams, no chaos, no troubles or worries. Just love living and love the music.

“I certainly write about relationships as they are powerful and inescapable drivers of the human condition. But I guess I am always searching for answers and insight. There is a broader universe of ideas that needs to be explored. Ideas are my love. Music is a platform for those ideas. I also have lived a pretty diverse life thus far, which provides the firsthand experience from which I normally write. Unfortunately, I have had more than my share of woes through chance and my own hand which comes out in overtones. I also have done lots of things that have worked. So without trying to be too self-absorbed, I write from the only perspective I can…my experience.”

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