Emmy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter David Williams Releases His Latest Album Called “Tipping My Hat To Leonard”

I love the artists who bring their poetry to life with music. The story tellers, you know the one’s, who grab you within the first verse, keep you there, and take you on a journey of colorful emotions; Laughter, sadness, happiness, love, anger, and patriotic duty.

If you like those types of songs and you also like jazz, folk, Americana blues, and an easy rock, then you’ll enjoy “Tipping My Hat To Leonard” by David Williams, it’s got it all.

Nashville resident, outstanding poet and gifted singer/songwriter Williams is genius when it comes to delivery. Each song is prestine and magical as it brings you in to being part of the story.

Emmy award winning songwriter Williams is also known for his work with PBS where he received an Emmy for his work with them.

David is a published author of several fascinating forms of work, fiction, poetry, non-fiction, He is an Artist and interdisciplinary scholar who worked for many years a cartoonist for the Chronicle of Higher Education and various other magazines and newspapers.

The creativity that he brings not only to the visual senses, in his artwork and videos, he also imbues on the auditory senses. In other words… what you see and hear you will truly enjoy.

His songs not only tell a story but capture the essence of days gone by and do it all from the many facets of various genre’s like folk, blues, Americana and a sweet taste of something called gypsy jazz.

“Williams works magic. . . . he describes commonplace events with uncommon grace.”~Newsweek Magazine~

For instance “Little Tiny Foreign Car” is a hoot to watch and enjoy as it takes you on a journey round the world.

Artists who play a huge part in the making of Williams career are Leonard Cohen, John Prine, and Randy Newman. Their music inspired him to go beyond just the physical form of the tapestry and beyond the borders to infinite possibilities that a lyrical canvas can present.

The title track “Tipping My Hat To Leonard” is a tribute in a way to the infamous Leonard Cohen and some of his work. For those of you who do not know Cohen, he was a singer/songwriter, poet, and author who’s gifts have inspired many.

Williams definitely has his own style and hook set within several genre’s. He crosses over the genres with such ease and fluid movement that it’s as if “he is his own genre.” Nice work…..

“David Williams’ songs teach as well as entertain.” ~The Chicago Tribune~

I enjoyed “Who Let That Django Jazz Into The Room?” It’s got some really cool waves in the mix and it takes me back to days gone by, the forties maybe. It reminds me of gangsters and old Italy at the beat nick bars. There’s also sophistication and intrigue. Can you tell I liked it?

I enjoy how the music also fits well for kids especially with the art work and creations in the video’s. I’m sure this comes from his time with the Chronicle of High Education. His work not only entertains you but is also a wonderful teaching tool. This is proven through his work with PBS and other media work.

Williams has a unique sound not only with his music but with his voice. I’m not sure of how you describe the vocal textures but to me he is a beautiful blend of baritone and alto with a hint of the spicy touch of his Canadian accent. For me this sets the tone for excellent and I think gives the sound a high 5 Stars.

“David Williams hits you like high beams from a big rig. . . . the record [Route 66] is about more than an old road.”~The Chicago Sun Times~

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