Seneko Presents Latest EP “True Dimensions”

Seneko has been featured here in our column before and each time we have always enjoyed the beautiful music and talent that has been shared. This time….we are again…..excited and never disappointed.

Stan Olshefski and his outstanding musical creation, Seneko is folk, alternative country, and classic Americana music all rolled in to one. Some of the best you will hear across the airwaves today. The latest EP is called “True Dimension” and your gonna love it.

There are six tracks on this collection and musicians performing on this EP are David Dorn on keyboards, Jackson Epley with bass, Jon Conley with guitars, and Dave Racine on drums. Their music falls in to the category of Alternative rock, alternative country, Americana and Folk. When you take a listen you’ll probably hear just a hint of maybe The Jayhawks, the Traveling Wilburys, and even a touch of Wilco. As you continue to enjoy the awesome tunes you’ll probably think of Tom Petty or maybe even a little Springsteen. Either way your going to truly enjoy a collection of flat out great music.

The title selection is “True Dimension” and it offers an inviting alternative rock feel and the essence of a tantalizing synth feel. This one might fall in to the category of Alternative Pop. Seneko’s vocals are inviting and infectious. I loved the various progression of the harmonies. I enjoyed the grooving rock of the guitar and the synth sounds were solid.

“Think Country meets RadioHead” – Wail Music Magazine. “For fans of Wilco or The Jayhawks…Seneko will not disappoint” – We Run The Underground. ” Seneko brings to mind the whimsy of the Gin Blossoms” – Huffington Post

Stan “Seneko” Olshefski has made music his life’s work. The last six years have been filled with a strong investment in creating what could be some of his best work yet. In September of last year his self -titled EP debuted to rave reviews. It ignited the fire to continue his passion for indie-pop and folk fans by releasing his latest, “True Dimensions”, a collection written completely by Seneko.

107.1 The Peak WXPK, in New York has gone wild with featuring several tracks in rotation. The fans can enjoy driving into the bustling city and enjoying the magical flavors of the debut EP while lifting their spirits for an awesome day.

Pierced Lip Smile” presented with a slight country rock feel mixed with a sharp vocals and tight harmonies. The twang of the electric guitar was right on target. The organ/synth sounds were super awesome. It gave the song a warm feel that would cross several genre sets.

True Dimension is a must-listen fr anyone who loves Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but most importantly it only heightens the anticipation for the inevitability of a full-length from Seneko.” ~ The Big Takeover~

The group has this easy flow about them. The music is effortless and moves across you like a fresh cool breeze in summer. It’s rich and reassuring.

“You to Save Me” again has been described as having a country feel to the melody with just a slight impression of alternative rock in the mix. All together the texture is elegant and enjoyable. “Mine The Violets” hits well with hints of soft rock, new wave, or alternative rock and subtly expresses a weave of that shade of country. There is a little tangy twang in there at times that makes me smile.

I know you will enjoy this collection so move on over the sites below and take a listen. Share with your friends and maybe even put this one on your playback list.

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