Idiot Grins Release Third Album “State of Health” Filled With Rocking, Funky Soul

In this new release you’ll hear a lot more rock, a hunk of funk and a shot of soul, and some super tight harmonies. Speaking of the harmonies, the Byrd Sisters are on board with this project and bring some classy vibrations to the mix.

These guys mean business when it comes to the music industry. They may play around with the feel and the vibe and the melody but when it comes to quality, expression, and implementation they never mess around. Idiot Grins are a California based group releasing their third project to rave reviews.

“State of Health” is the new 12 track collection and I must say it’s a keeper. “Get Busy Dying” is filled with outstanding horn influence and “Philly Belly Cheesy”, the title may sound cheesy but it’s not, is super hot and tasty with some country rock accompanied by that same nice horn presence. There is a complete natural flow through out that keeps you hooked to the end.

“Televised” brings a whole new state of mind to the listening palate. It’s a soulful southern tune with a hint of country flare. It shows just how talented these guys while reviving a memory of days gone by. Your gonna hear a hint of artists like Gram Parsons and Tower of Power but you won’t hear any copy cat jive. This is all authentic and genuine.

The group actually collaborated with Tower of Power and it’s no wonder that the great sounds of yesteryear are back. They actually never left. Just as the days of Isaac Hayes and Curtis Mayfield brought about the intoxicating and hypnotizing soul of the 70’s we now have artist’s like Idiot Grins. Artists who still love the depth and spirit of real honest to goodness soul and spirit of good music.

Those who would turn up their noses at the old retro days need to just move on and not bother. Your gonna miss some awesome tunes but that’s ok, it just means there’s more for all of us who desire it.

Idiot Grins is composed of a super organ/piano man, Michael Conner. He also jams on clavinet, harmonica and synths; Evan Eustis on bass, mandolins, and both back up and lead vocals. John Hansen tears it up on electric piano and accordion while bringing in lead and backup vocals; Michael Melgoza melds in nicely with backup vocals while Randy Strauss rocks out on guitar and lap steel.

Joining the group are three amazing vocalists. The Byrd Sisters, Lauren, Lisa and Lena. They lend such a powerful and riveting sound to the backup vocals. Holding down the mass of talent on this collection is Johnnie Bamont, saxophone; Jeff Cressman with trombone; Renee Jenkins joined the group on “Dream” with trombone. Marvin McFadden comes in on trumpet; Joe Goldmark on pedal steel; and with a solid percussion beat you’ll find David Frazier. There is a huge amount of talent in this collection.

Presenting in the styles of R&B, Soul, Americana and country rock and likened to artists such as Tower of Power, Gram Parsons and the Rolling Stones we present you with Idiot Grins. This album was mastered at Georgetown Masters in Nashville, TN by Andrew Mendelson.

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