Adam Ant: “Live Review: Ridgefield Playhouse, CT, July 22, 2018 by Eileen Shapiro

Just as you think someone is at the pinnacle of greatness…..the height and passion of the climax enhances, as did Adam Ant at the Ridgefield Playhouse in Connecticut on Sunday July 22nd, the third performance of his U.S. Anthems tour.

The intimate Playhouse has been the host of artists most recently including, Melissa Etheridge, Jane Lynch of Glee, Mary Wilson of the Supremes, The Motels, Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow, and many other superstars.

The edgy punk rock master and icon of the 80’s Adam Ant stormed the stage with a lively energy and whimsical vibe, and the entire audience picked up on the sensation that Adam and the band were having a blast. It is often apparent when a live artist is at the summit of delight within their own performance, it is transmitted to the crowd, and a good time is magnified and intensified. That was certainly the case as soon as “Beat My Guest”, Adam’s leading track was initiated….and it only amplified and soared from there.

None of Adam’s shows are ever disappointing, all filled with life, attitude, and a vivacious sensibility, however this particular concert had an extra special quaking jubilation that escalated the moment into phenomenon status. Adam performed all of the hits, everything everyone wanted to hear, “Viva Le Rock”, “Antmusic”, “Prince Charming”, “Puss N Boots”, “Friend Or Foe”, “Dog Eat Dog’, “Kings of the Wild Frontier”, “Apollo 9”, “Strip”, “Stand and Deliver”, etc, as well as the B sides, and my own personal favorite, “Gotta Be A Sin”. His massive catalog encompasses the best of the 80’s, with the relevance of today, and his huge conglomerate of loyal fans remain completely addicted to his destiny.

His band includes some of the best musicians on the planet, Andy and Jola on drums, separately of course, A.P and Will on guitar, and Joe playing the bass. Most of them are multi instrumentalists and celebrate projects on their own as well as with Adam. They too seemed to enjoy the elation of the fans as well as their own flawless performance, not to mention that Adam is also an accomplished guitarist, rocking it live.

The support band, The Prima Donnas were also in great form and spirit. They had toured with Adam before several years back and it was great to experience them again. Members include: Kevin Preston, Aaron Minton, David S Field and Adam “Lights Out” Levine. The band was fun, on board, and happy to hang with the fans off stage.

Once again I must reiterate, if you haven’t pierced the veil of an Adam Ant explosion, it’s crucial that you do. Those familiar with Adam’s songs or those experiencing the rocker for the very first time, are entrenched by his attitude as he becomes a habit or belief firmly established and unlikely to change.

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