Classic Rock Group From Athens Georgia Delivers Powerful Message with “Smart Heart”

“Nocturnal Blonde” has created a great collection and behind it is a great cause. This new debut album is has a focus on the dire and tragic opioid epidemic that faces our country today.

“Our first album will be a tribute to Ritchie’s brother, Dave, and dedicated to bringing awareness to the Opioid epidemic so many families are forced to deal with today.” – Nocturnal Blonde

The songs on this EP were written by Ritchie Williams along side his brother Dave who were both challenged by mental health and medical type illnesses related to a previous opioid experience. The effects of substance abuse with opioids left Dave Williams with neurological damage. The title track… “Smart Hearts” was actually written before the complications received from the incidental overdose in 2017.

During the writing of the songs the brothers realized that there was one key thing missing in all the dedication to the lyrics….someone to sing them. Introducing Rachel Grace, the lovely angelic voice you hear passionately expressing the lyrics so eloquently. Grace’s interpretation of the meaning and realty associated with each word brings to light the urgent message contained in each song.

The first track is called “Drained” and it tells the truth about how it is when coming down, or even getting high with the minion of you choice. This song ventures more into the alternative rock spectrum and has a hint of soft folk vocals. This collection is timeless and most assuredly evergreen.

Blown Away” is track three and for me, the instrumentation on this song is superb. Great mix and smooth easy guitar tracks with a solid and warm percussion section. Vocals are tender and clear.

I enjoyed the intro of “Smart Heart” with the drums beating slowly like a heart beat……the light tambourine is in time with the lyrics….”Listen to my heart sing”….I don’t want to push you away….such beautiful words from an elegant voice. Lyrically it is over the top.

This album is filled with hope, purpose, inspiration and commitment to master a strong courage required to fight a mighty battle. It’s primary purpose was to bring to light a greater awareness of how substance abuse can effect our lives. Currently the epidemic of opioid abuse has reached staggering numbers not only in our country but around the world.

This album is fused with a divine mix of indie rock, classic rock, and memorable blues tones. Produced by one of the greats, Michael Stipe of R.E.M……this album is a sure fire classic and it’s just now gaining momentum. The superb engineering expertise of Chris Byron from Amplify Studio and Matt Tamisin of Japanski Studio has also made this recording stand out among others in it’s genre.

Smart Hearts” is filled with beautiful harmonies, gentle understanding in the vocals of Rachel Grace and with that gives this song the ability to stand strong alone, on it’s own with a message that is sure to touch many lives. Lyrics…”You pray that I won’t push you away, Now listen to my heart.”

There are five nicely done tracks on this album. Musicians performing on this collection are Rachel Adams on vocals, Ritchie Williams on vocals and lead guitar. Then we gave Kevin Sims on bass and James Owen on percussion/drums. This group presents in the styles of Indie Rock, Classic Rock, Contemporary Rock, and Country Blues and are similar in style to Pink Floyd, PJ Harvey, Gotye, REM, Pearl Jam.

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