Introducing “Northern Cities Southern Stars” by Phil Lomac

Great new music from Phil Lomac in the style of alternative folk/indie Rock, and splashes of Americana rock. Lomac has found a great niche for himself and his pallet is vast.

Though he has been likened to greats such as Elliott Smith, Apples in Stereo, Tom Petty, and Nick Cave, Lomac has found a style that’s all his and he truly owns it.

Hailing from Charlotte, NC Phil Lomac is a one man extravaganza. His talents as a instrumentalist are driving, free flowing and not forced, but completely natural and expressed with a passionate conviction.

The first song on this seven track collection is “Northern Lights” and it’s bluesy folk feel is enticing and appealing. The opening with a hard driving beat is welcoming. His vocals are clear and bright and I love the harmony blend of what appears to be Lomac singing harmony with himself. You’ll find this same inviting Indie/Folk Rock feel throughout the collection.

As mentioned before Phil’s texture and pallet is similar to Tom Petty and his range and reach is just as vast. From years of sharing his music in coffee houses across the the country and rocking and rolling in honky-tonks and night clubs he has honed his own style and his own brand.

I really like that Lomac’s music presents a diverse and delectable pallet with the mixture of various instruments. His weaving of piano, bass and even banjo is rich and impressive. Each song has a unique texture and vibe and no two are the same.

World of Pain” is track two and I love the slight distortion on the intro and the percussion is tight. The keyboards are light but a nice addition.

Fluid and masterful could describe Phil Lomac and his music. His creativity and application of his songs flow easily and effortlessly across the ears and sound waves. He has shared his infectious talents with various bands including Senatobia and Bugs Multiply, The Brown Root Seed Company, and Ron Neill & the Eleventh Hour. The Asheville Citizen Times was noted to have said that his solo work exposed a depth and maturity that was offset by his creative melodies and conservative production.

The next song I enjoyed was “Read the Message”….the folk sound and tight, crisp, wisps of the guitar are pleasing to the ear. It felt like something I would want to listen to while enjoying a day in an open field of wild flowers. Something that would invite you to enjoy life, “Read the Message” of life, love, hurt, and heartache….and move on through the flow.

His transition between the different genres is not overly complex but brilliant. The range of pitch is engaging and impressive. To lend even more authenticity to his work Lomac recorded some of the lighter tunes right in his own apartment and the more heavy hitting driving songs were recorded in the Unity Lutheran Church, 100 year old building with amazing acoustics in Edgewater.

It has been eight years since Lomac released new material and I must say this has got to be the best. “Northern Cities Southerns Stars” is now his third official release and if you look at the production and the quality of the song arrangement you’ll find it’s exceptional.

The finished product includes a laid back amalgamation of roots/folk music, pop and indie rock, and I believe a smooth blending of bluesy Americana rock. I thought I heard a hint of Neil Young in there.

You can’t go wrong with having this album in your collection. For more information on Phil Lomac and where you can catch a show, buy his work or just follow him through social media please visit the following sites.

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