Plastic Yellow Band Awesome and Inspiring with new release “Above Gravity”

Above Gravity Cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Above Gravity Cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Above Gravity Cover courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

I love this band. I reviewed them a year or so ago and they are still just as creative and inspiring with their music now as they were then, maybe even more so.

This new collection is ethereal and otherworldly. I love the piano and the rich texture of the music. Most people think that when you say Plastic Yellow Band that you’ll hear something so extreme it’s not logical. Not with this group. These guys are the real deal.

Their music is capable of escaping the sound barrier. It’s pure and it will cross multiple genre’s of music. Now Plastic Yellow Band presents to the fans a new full length collection of nine tracks that feature powerful , emotional, and purely magnificent music.

Gerry Jennings courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Gerry Jennings courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

I love, love, the first track “Starlight” it’s captivating and out there. Mixed and mastered by Gerald Jennings and recorded at ISI Studio’s this song is evergreen. It brings to the minds eye visions of far away dreams. I closed my eyes and traveled the universe in the night sky. The piano is ethereal. Total relaxation and harmony. Then…..a smooth upbeat rhythm hits me and I travel faster, propelling myself out into the vast unknown recalling lost love and mixed memories. Loved this song. Couldn’t stop moving my feet.

Band members Gerry Jennings, Joe Hurt, Karl Derek Tesch, Joe Smith, Boby Lamb, Steve Fowler, Stan Norton and Clay Lee are tight and in sync as one. They are always on target with where the other member is going with a rift or a beat or a thread and harmonies are perfect, it’s a fabric that will stitch each song together even tighter.

Gerry Jennings courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Gerry Jennings courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

“America” (Mother of Exiles) opens with another rich and engaging melody from the master piano player himself, Gerry Jennings, and then kicks in to that lighthearted high spirited balance between strings and percussion. Robust and full, original. It’s a song about the love of America and what she has offered to so many, a home.

This group reminds me of Electric Light Orchestra. They were always one of my all time favorites. This album is a time warp album. It takes you back to the seventies and early eighties with a blast of classic rock/soft rock.

Track three “You Lied To Me” is rock all the way. Slow groove and electric…electric guitar. I enjoy the slight reverb on the vocals. Old school rock melded with new blood and originality.

Gerald Jennings and his classic rock feel brings out all the goodies. His passion for “real” rock and roll music is distinctive, attractive, and accomplished. I would love to see this band live.

Recordings don’t always present the full effect and I believe that if you have the opportunity to see these guys….don’t miss it. It is sure to be a mind blowing experience.

Located in Aiken, South Carolina and modeled after the amazing John Lennon’s band Plastic Ono Band. It is composed of a singer/songwriter, and producer Gerry Jennings and the many talents and gifts of various high caliber, seasoned musicians who come together at various times to create yet another masterpiece.

With a strong influence from his muses such as John Lennon, Pink Floyd, and the rock influences of Porcupine Tree, you’ll hear the essence of who and what Gerry and his music really is.

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