Fast Rising Pop Artist Releases Self Titled EP Aza Nubuco

This new self-titled EP from pop singer/songwriter Aza Nabuko is brought to you by JumpAttack Records. Aza is 16 and truly a gifted young up and coming artist. She is a multi-instrumentalist and making huge waves in the music industry.

“Fade Away” is an emotionally touching song with beautiful piano accompaniment. The luxurious element of the synth sounds adds elegance to the song. It is provocative and elegant and needs but a few words of introduction.

“Heart Of Concrete” is also reflective of loneliness and hurt. It presents with a melancholy and mournful cello. It is somber with austere reflections of oneself. The drums, acoustic guitar and strings express the almost urgency in her heart. This ballad is commanding with passion and sensitivity toward the wall she has built to guard her heart.

The debut single, “Strangers” is upbeat and the vocals are powerful and inviting. It carries an all-around phenomenal pop cross over vibe and great indie pop-rock presence. It flows smoothly and the rhythms are definitely appealing. Check out “Strangers”

Her vocals are highly impressive as her range moves from soulful lows to powerful exciting highs. Her distinct phrasing and poetic verbiage lend a fresh and welcoming touch to each song.

“Ordinary” is filled with captivating lush sounds in a gorgeous ballad with unrestrained commanding vocals and soothing acoustic guitar. It is about self-awareness and listening to our heart before moving into deeper love relationships.

A native of Vancouver, BC and raised in the beautiful mountains and listening to eclectic music her style is at the crossroads of genres and her range is unlimited. Her writing is poetic and spans a wide range of age groups which gives her a huge edge on the magnitude of fans and age range who will enjoy her music.

“Space Between” speaks of love and a great distance that grows between two hearts, “When We Fell In Love” is filled with truth, empathy, and lyrics that ebb and flow with memories of how she felt insignificant in the mind and heart of someone she loved. It speaks of self-awareness and how we sometimes suppress our own faults and forget to listen to our own intimate feelings regarding relationships. It tells us how we sometimes become too distant and can’t’ find our way back. To be only 16 she seems to have a firm grasp on how to express love, heartache, empathy, and truth. Phenomenal.

Her presentation and performance are soulful, raw, and inspiring. As a performer and musician, she is infill bloom and as of this moment, there are no boundaries on where she can take her music and her talents. This collection is spinning a web of a couple who fell out of an intense love affair. Lies and feelings hidden in the shadows tearing them apart. I would suspect that there are many who can relate.

As an artist and performer, she is well on her way to breaking records. As a singer-songwriter, she has exceptional talents in expressing raw and heartfelt emotions that span generations. Her ability to see past age and social barriers allow her to have a much broader audience.

This EP is filled with electronic beats and synths, impressive percussion, electric guitars, melancholy piano, and somber strings. It has everything you need for the makings of a powerful collection that a young budding artist could present.

For more information on Aza please visit the links below. All media links and photos are courtesy of Independent Music Promotions.

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