Gideon King and His New Leading Single “Fake It On Facebook” From His Full Length Album “Upscale MadHouse” Set for Release on September 21

I’ve reviewed Gideon King before and I must say he has once again delivered and what a major delivery it is. New York jazz and rock artist Gideon King and The City Blog are hot and this newest single is proof.

The title of the album is “Upscale Madhouse” and the entire collection is filled with some very nice work.

Fake It On Facebook” is a funky twist on grooving jazz and some exceptional piano playing. It takes you to old Broadway and yet fills you with a new “today’s style” of a smooth grooving jazz breeze. “Fake It On Facebook” with your smoke, mirrors and lies.” Nice, very nice.

“Some of the most complex and satisfying music you may ever hear, layered with impressive solos & variegated chord progressions.” – Rebecca Bonham, the Huffington Post

This group has a fabulous way of blending and bending various types of rock, pop, jazz and blues into an amazing and colorful hue of sophistication. It’s funky, it’s rocking, it’s jazzy and it’s original.

I also enjoy that some of the themes behind the songs are related to things in their own city. They write about life around them. It makes for a great creative pallet to the lyrics. Due to the versitility of talent and construction of some of the most dynamic lyrics out there today, the group has been likened to artists such as Steely Dan, Earth, Wind and Fire, and even the legend Stevie Wonder.

The texture of the music and composition is exceptional and creative which places them in high esteem with music critics and industry notables. Gideon King & City Blog are one of the best artists on the music scene today and should surely hold a solid place on the watch lists for the year.

“Emotional, compelling songwriting that incorporates sophisticated harmonies and the always engaging element of improvisation”. – Paul Naser, All About Jazz

The vocals, instrumentation, and harmonies on this new album are will wake you up and make you feel energized. “Fake It On Facebook” is not fake when it comes to the talent in this song. The saucy guitar rifts, jazzy piano and mild synth will wake you up to distinctive features of the song. The lyrics hit it right on target how folks sometimes hide their true self and sometimes describe themselves completely different in what they really are, hence “fake it”…

“a little bit Donald Fagan, a bit of Stevie Wonder, and big helping of New York City street jazz.” – Allison Boron, POPDOSE

First single “Fake it on Facebook” was out June 22nd the second single “Upscale Madhouse” was out July 13th and the full album is set to be released September 21st. Be sure to check out the websites below and get your copy too. You’ll love it.

Gideon King & City Blog are on the move.

“New York is a dirty place even though the streets have been slightly cleaned up since I was a kid. Everybody tripping on their own motivations and instincts. The cd was loosely inspired by a few New York tales. The tune Fake It On Facebook for example is kinda based on this woman who hitched up with a wealthy guy who was 5,243 years her senior. The whole thing was sort of funny but desperate on a multitude of levels. People photo shop their lives on Facebook with great deliberation, but they are still animals in their natural habitat. It is what it is.

“Was fun to riff on these stories a bit. No heavy social commentary or judgment or anything. I leave that to the deep thinkers. Just a labor intensive process to surface these tunes and deepen the mystery. Great musicians woven into this thing all over the place.” – Gideon King & City Blog

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