CarnyMusic Releases Killer Self Titled Album

Mike Carnahan is the lead singer of The Green Door, a western-psych band from San Francisco. CarnyMusic is his solo project and delves into the raw, personal, and sometimes solitary human conditions in a constantly changing world.

This creation is a melding of atmospheric sounds, earthy, and almost ethereal type expressions. It is as if you are just waking from a dream and lingering in the last moments of another world before being fully awake in this one. The album has a folk feel to it with a hint of a more bluesy vibe and expresses a wide array of emotions and feelings like individualism, tarnished love, ever changing emotions in relationships, and humbling of ones self.

“Riptide” is a really cool number that instills visions of sitting by a warm fire surrounded by friends and family. It’s a coming together of acoustics and tambourines. This song reminds me of an old friend who has passed over, but is always on my mind, when the warm summer days come around.

The vocals and harmonies on this collection of true and solid folk rock at it’s best. This is the kind of music that you want to listen to while driving down a country road with the cool breeze blowing through windows. It’s mellow, inviting, and soothing. The balance and mix is fits well with the motion of where he takes the music.

“Beetle In The Sane” is truly a classic folk expression. It’s humble opening takes us to a more mellow, lyrical adventure into the tiny crevices of a enormous world. It is the coming together of two lovers through the ever changing climates of romance. The lyrics express shedding your skin, becoming something new, something much stronger and determined.

I love the acoustic opening of “Start Another Week” and as the vocals come in it opens up visions of soft light through coming through the window as I start my day, my week. It is simply yet elegant and inviting. The lyrical rhythm feels warm and the light harmonies that blend in to the mix are perfectly placed. Some reviews of the song lend more toward how we fall in to a life of nothing but work and how we weaken from the zombie effect that poisons us, leaving us trapped in a world of labor.

This collection holds a faint nostalgia of by gone days. The hints of Americana, blues, folk and mountain music ebbs and flows with grace. The expression of the album is simple and full. Filled with raw vocals, descriptive lyrics, vibrant acoustic guitar and a nice elemental mix.

The last track “Close Your Eyes” opens with a touch of folk rock expression. It’s takes the listener on a psychedelic escapade of rich, deep bluesy folk. I could see the fields and hounds running as they search for their prey and the mountain folk with their shotguns ready for bear. Deep in the mix there are the echo’s of distortion that bring the song to life with nostalgia.

This collection presents in the style of Indie Folk, Alternative, Americana, and the artist has been likened to Tom Waits, Ugly Casanova, Elliott Smith, and Timber Timbre.

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All media links and photos are courtesy of Independent Music Promotions. All materials on this collection were written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mike Carnahan.

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