Folk Rock Artist Deb Montgomery Releases New EP “ All The Water” To Rave Reviews

Music is her art, it is her passion and brings together parts of our life that the world sometimes likes to separate. Throughout the years of her career, she has become settled into abiding in the in-between. The space between reality and our dreams. There she creates her unique art, her talent is unleashed and there she brings together both worlds, welding them, bonding them together. The outcome? A collection of songs that are both primal and yet rooted in beauty.

Montgomery’s rock roots bring together this edgy energized collection with a raw passion. It works and it’s superb. The more than twenty years and four studio albums, film credits, and stage appearances with superbly talented musicians, grounds and solidifies Deb Montgomery in the rock industry.

“All The Water” impresses upon me a vision of the Druids blessing and accepting the green mother earth. Montgomery’s vocals are compelling and draw you in. The instrumentation is chilling, as it brings you into the song. The passion is strong and the presentation is powerful.

“Wake Me” takes me to a softer place. The vocals are once again clear, inviting and express a somewhat Celtic feel. The instrumentation is hard, solid, and grounded. Beautiful song. Beautiful.

Montgomery has a gentle yet powerful way of expressing how we are connected to the earth and to each other. Her lyrics speak about emotions like grief and joy and how the ever-changing seasons of our world affect us in so many different ways. Every corner of every mountain, valley, and forest mingled with the rain is just as much a part of who we are as it is our world.

“Mend” opens with a beautiful electric acoustic sound and soft vocals. I loved the presentation as it was crystal clear and balanced. The tone was so crisp and bright. The highs on the vocals were perfect.

Folk music has always been part of the grounding and roots of a culture or a place. I enjoy the way Deb Montgomery’s expressions bring you into the music, the story behind the song and the feeling expressed with it.

“All the Water was written early this year mostly on the Oregon Coast. I moved over to electric guitar and a Vox Amp and began to write differently. Within one month of writing the songs, Mikel Perkins of Soundhouse in Seattle heard me play at a gig at Substation in Seattle and pursued me about making this EP. The EP was recorded in Soundhouse within a month and features some of Seattle’s best players. I’ve been on fire about these songs and imagine them rolling through the world because of their invitation to healing and hoping, to staying connected in the midst of all that is falling apart. I am in love with playing electric these days and the way it invites a different sound.” – Deb Montgomery

Musicians performing on this EP are Deb Montgomery with vocals, acoustic and electric guitar. Then we have Karl Benitez on keyboards, Trevor Lyon on electric guitar, Yun-En Liu: on violin, and Jens Gunnoe on drums. Rounding out the group is Darren Milsom on bass, Mikel Perkins: with string arrangements and Liz Porcayo with back up vocals.

This artist presents in the styles of Folk Rock, Alternative Rock, and Depth Pop. She has been likened to artists such as Brandi Carlisle, Neil Young, Wolf Alice, and Neko Case.

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