Nashville Artist and Singer Songwriter Krigare Releases New Self Title Album

Born and raised in Los Angeles CA and now making her home in Nashville TN pop and creative artist Krigare is one to take major note of. She is not your typical pop, alternative artist. She is a master thespian and one of many gifts.

She is not only an amazing vocalist but an amazing songwriter and independent film actor. She has co-written songs with top 10 chart writers and Grammy winning song-smith’s Matt Squire, Jessi Alexander and Andy Dodd. She recently sat down and penned a collaboration with band NeoNoir for “On The Hunt” and with Dutch artist Ecstatic on the song “Dead to Life.” Both of these collaborations have hit over 200k streams on the infamous Spotify. Other accolades include being a featured artist on MTV with her songs “Let Go” and “This Time”.

Her super amazing song “Falling Apart” was selected last year for the 2017 Nashville Film Festival. Her creative work in imagery is a huge plus that we receive when we watch her work unfold. Now let’s take a moment to check out a few of the songs on this album.

“This Time” is sensual, moving, and heavy hitting right out of the gate. The driving guitar and the reverb sound of her vocals make it hot and fleshy. I really enjoyed it. Actually I could see this one as an opening for a James Bond movie. Think I’m joking. Nope. It’s got the ticket. “This Time”, is powerful.

“Falling Apart” was almost stoic in texture of the songs message. It seemed to express a forlorn feeling of the ending of a relationship.

“Deep End” has to be one of my favorites on this collection. The lyrics are super charged and you can almost feel what she’s feeling as she expresses her aspiration to dissolve the remnants of a troubled relationship that bewilders her solitary mind.

To be so young this beautiful lady has, what I suspect to be, hundreds if not thousands of stories to tell in her music and her artistic creativity. At the early age of 16 she was diagnosed with stage IV Thyroid cancer and has since overcome not just the one but several battles with her health. Six months after receiving the news of the thyroid cancer she was told she had stage one melanoma. To have not one but two diagnosis of two major cancers is overwhelming but Krigare has stood tall and firm in her fight to beat them both. After three major surgeries and what seemed like an endless amount of vocal therapy and exercise she has emerged a new woman. She has more of the same drive and determination she had before with a new found passion to express her love of music and film in her lyrics and melodies.

She expresses that here in a personal quote:

“My life has been full of battles these last three years. It has been by far the most challenging years not only as a person, but also as an artist. I’ve had to find my voice again, and decide on who I am coming out of trying times. I am a WARRIOR!”

The collection is a declaration to her maturity and her many talents. Krigare is one to definitely place high on the watch list for 2018 and beyond. Krigare is a major player in the music industry and she will keep moving up quickly……. as she has said…. she’s a Warrior. This is her battlefield now.

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