Umbrella Bed Introducing Sixth Album “Rotate”

“Rotate” is for the adventurer, the searcher, the listener who seeks something ultimately as unique as they are. It’s brave and uninhibited.

Introducing Umbrella Bed, a group from Minneapolis MN and who are produced by Andrew Zoellner on the Mad Butcher label out of Germany.

Umbrella Bed has released five well received albums over the course of several years and it seems once again they have composed a highly desired collection. Their fan base speaks volumes.

Artists presented on this collection are: Hellrocket on vocals and trumpet, Eva Washburn on french horn and vocals, Al Teagarden on trombone, Scott Wilcox with saxophone, Mitch Thompson holding things down with drums, Kabel Lefto on guitar and vocals, and we also have Francisco Guerra on bass, and Joy Judge also on the trombone.

This artist fits nicely into the styles of post punk, and/or dance music. They also fall into the style of indie-alternative and what’s known as 2-Tone Ska, which could be described as a mix of calypso, blues and American jazz.

This artist has taken some of the most delicate parts of some of the most authentic types of music in the world and melded and molded them in to their own unique style. They are part of a unique and dynamic group. Umbrella Bed might not be the perfect cup of tea for everyone but they would be exceedingly special to those who have that exquisite taste for the finer things.

The ability to tell a story so detailed that you are engaged within the song is just one of the many talents brought to you by Umbrella Bed. It has been said they are one of the best kept secrets in the industry here in the US.

Rotate” is comprised of 8 tracks full of spunk and sass. Said to be third-wave ska it is fused with splashes of punk/grudge and varied pop roots. All the songs speak volumes but the one’s that I hit the rewind button on were “Dark Days”, “Tell Me What To Do” and 3 Twenty Seven.”

With over six albums to their credit this group has a high regard both nationally and internationally. Beginning in 1996 they released “King Size” and in 1998 “Monkey’s and Rivets” on OarFin Records. Then in 2003 they formed a solid relationship with Mad Butcher Records in Germany and released three more albums up to 2013.

Now they are introducing their latest “Rotate.” The band has performed to sold out shows in France and have received excellent reviews in Germany, Serbia, and Austria as well as Hungary and The Czech Republic.

The collection is like a rainbow. I’ve tried to find the words to describe their music in a way that readers will understand it. It’s colorful, fresh, exotic, and inspiring all joined together in a perfect balance. The albums is filled with energy and movement. It is an album that focuses on every day life events in society like our failing education system, personal life and romance, betrayal and so much more.

They have been compared to artists such as Vampire Weekend, Specials, Talking Heads, and Madness and accolades include but is not limited to Stillwater Summer Music Series Duluth Downtown Music Series, Mill City Music Festival in downtown Minneapolis, the Minneapolis State Fair, and various colleges such as University of Minnesota,, and Hamline University, both in MN and University of North Dakota in Fargo.

For more information on this group you can jump on over to the links below and enjoy.

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