Andy Michaels Releases New Full Length Album called “Revisited”

This album is eclectic, it has something for everyone and shares compositions from various genre’s with taste and class. It’s not muddied or sloppy, it’s tasteful and progressive. Sometimes when you have an artist who’s palette and texture is so broad you have a muddied and wishy washy sound or the lyrics are lost is an unstructured format. Not this one….. Andy nails it.

I love the light whispers of the beginning of “Today’s Tomorrow”. I enjoyed the sound of the old Victrola as if it’s coming through an old RCA radio. Then it comes in strong with a modern sound. It has a cool alternative rock vibe to it.

When I Close My Eyes” begins with a nice acoustic guitar and absolutely perfect harmonies. It’s relaxing and mellow and then the percussion brings in an even beat. I could almost feel a cool breeze blowing against my skin. It seems effortless and fresh.

“Poet, composer, singer and guitarist, Andy is a wonderful breath of fresh of fresh air in a somewhat cynical and tumultuous musical world.” (Coastal Times, WA, 2016)

After a car accident left Andy temporarily incapacitated during his late teens he picked up the guitar and began to write about his feelings. His poetry has been published by the International Library of Poetry,USA and to this day he continues to develop his passion for poetry as you can clearly see in the lyrics of his songs. Andy has become a huge staple in the music scene in Australia. He has performed through out the country and visited China. His style of easy listening soft rock is heard on radio stations throughout Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands, England, and even South Africa. I think that would make for a great start to a huge fan base.

Video link for your enjoyment: “I Just Want To Be The One.”

The band consists of four superb musicians. Andy Michaels on lead vocals and guitars, Andy Court on backup vocals and keyboard, Sharon Court on lead vocals and backup vocals, and Kerrie Ironside with lead vocals and back up vocals

Soft giggles and sweet acoustic guitar opens up “Where Are You Now” as it expresses the love for a little girl and how her laugh fills his heart with memories of her. Those of us who are parents know how much missing our children brings sadness, especially if we are apart from them….. but this song brings more than that. It brings the LOVE to life and gives us hope.

This album was produced by Andy Court and slides in to the category or genre of Pop, Adult Contemporary, Soft Rock. Andy has been likened to artists like Cat Stevens, Rod Stewart, Bryan Adams, Keith Urban, and Peter Gabriel.

Reviews have said that “Angel” is the best song on this collection. I would say it is a winner but the entire collection is wonderful. “Angel” features the unmistakable vocals of Kerrie Ironside that lend an authentic and ethereal tone to the song. The song has a fullness to it with a blend of soft rock, folk, and passion felt lyrics.

“People have compared me from Cat Stevens to Maroon 5, Coldplay, Counting Crows and even Pink Floyd. It seems I hear some new comparison every time,” ~ Andy Michaels~

Michaels is ok with this ability to not be placed with a certain label or genre. He wants to continue to evolve and grow within his music, within the industry, and ….see his musical creations materialize and flourish.

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