Apache Rose Seeking Your “Attention” With Their Latest Rock Single

Apache Rose is probably one of the best bands I’ve heard so far this year. I would place them high on the list of artists to watch for 2020. They are just getting started so make no mistake they will keep pushing the envelope to bring powerhouse releases throughout the year.

I enjoyed the intro to “Attention” as it had the echo sound and then came in full-on with hard-hitting, strong vocals and the bass-filled it up so well.

The song is an ironic first-person account of a fledgling rock star wanting it really bad to make it. But it’s not a mean parody it’s more of a stylized and self-deprecating description of how an indie band from Russia really wants to break out

We didn’t mean to write an ironic song, but it really wrote itself. I often come up with phrases and write them down. So when the time came to get the lyrics for Attention done I looked into my notebook and all the elements were there scattered across the pages: «Attention, attention seekers», «Grammy for whining/Oscar for bitching» and «Give or take/make no mistake». That set the path clearly. ~Apache Rose~

Apache Rose is a phenomenal rock group from Moscow, Russia. They have been likened to artists such as the Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys. Their sound is a high groove, solid moving production that can only continue to excel to the top of the rock scene playlists.


There’s a cool mix of great rock guitar sounds with hyper hitting vocals and crass, get in your face lyrics. The music for Apache Rose is all written and produced by Ilya Novokhatskiy, and a steady rocking rotation of some of the best musicians in the industry. Novokhatskiy spent time in the United States when he was a child, American rock music and British rock became a huge part of his love for music.

The group has a nice following on several of their social media sites. The fans list is growing quite exponentially and as the fan base grows so do the request for their music around the world. The group is not afraid to push the envelope when it comes to, what some might say are shocking lyrics. I see it as bringing attention to reality and an open and fresh display of expression.

If you’re into classic rock then this group is one to add to your list. If you like out there, in your face, bold and brazen lyrics, this group will fit nicely in favorite CD rotation.

The single was released last October and the video was recently released last month. A great deal of thought and effort has been placed on the presentation, the mix, the engineering of this artistic creation, including the video, artist photography and the overall impression.

I should warn parents and young adults that the language content is strong at times and has a somewhat heavy vibration on sexual lyrics and words that might not be your forte, but, these guys are great musicians and have their own unique way of expressing it.

The artist is: Apache Rose
Release Title: Attention!
Release Date: Oct 8, 2019
Location: Moscow, Russia
Producer: Apache Rose
Genres: Rock, Modern Rock, Indie Rock
Musicians: written & produced by Ilya Novokhatskiy
The group have to
be compared to artist such as Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys, Kaiser Chiefs, RHCP, Cage the Elephant

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