California Rocker Sluka Releases New Album “Colorful Radiation” to Outstanding Reviews

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

I first heard of Christopher Sluka in November of 2016 when I reviewed his release of Introversions. If anything has changed it has been the level of his artistry and it has increased exponentially.

He is a true talent, a natural when it comes to expressing both musical and visual artistry. You are drawn in to the music as if your watching a moving in your mind. No need to turn on a television or a computer. The movie is there as you listen to the music. It is an instant creation of visual entertainment.

This is Sluka’s 11th studio album along with his blue ray video release of the 2016 album Introversions.

He has been dubbed by the Vancouver Weekly as the “Modern day renaissance man” to many.

His current release is “Colorful Radiation” and is a 10 song collection

Number One” is easy, layed back and soothing at the intro. He definitely reminds me of the great David Bowie. Then he rocks it out with heavy bass and driving drums. It’s a high energy song with the crowd being mesmerized by the presentation.

Christopher Sluka plays all instruments from Guitar, to Piano, Drums, Bass, Violin, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Ukelele, and Synthesizer. Production of this album includes being recorded & mixed by Christopher Sluka, it was mastered by Joe Goodwin at Bellwether Mastering and for your enjoyment the link is here:

“Number One” is a little psychedelic but has that Bowie depth to it as well. Others have expressed the same idea and why not….it’s a sure thing. Sluka is a rising tide, a light that won’t go out. He’s unique and evergreen. To put it short and sweet….it’s just flat out damn good music.

With a mix of progressive rock, pop, and psychedelic synth Christopher Sluka has made something that no other can copy. His music is all his own and fans will know it from the first note.

His vocals are like a fine wine, smooth, sultry, alluring and down right rocking the roll. To put him in one category would be illogical. Other reviewers have likened him to Bowie, of course and to other legends themselves… Cold Play and Radio Head.

“Colorful Radiation” is filled with something for everyone. Easy to listen to, rich, rhythmic, raw and expressive. Christopher Sluka is haunting and infiltrates your many senses. This collection is said to be part of a master visual album. The collection is a combo of 3D, 4K, and Blu-ray.

courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Sluka is a singer songwriter, musician and stage performer who has a massive fan base than spans across several continents. During his childhood he traveled to various locations around the world with his family and has used those life experiences to craft his talents in the music industry.

At the beginning of his amazing career Christopher had the opportunity to work in circles with artists such at Tears For Fears, Simple Minds and he recorded a song with Cat Gray who had worked with the legendary artist known to us as…. Prince. His mastery of work includes Fear of Ordinary Life, A Matter of Perception, Solo Flight and one of my favorites….Introversions.

Christopher Sluka is also a world renowned painter/artist. His oil paintings have graced the halls of many galleries around the world in places like New York, San Diego and in Milan and Tokyo. He is pilot and has said he dreams of one day following in the footsteps of famed front man, Bruce Dickinson, aviator and member of world acclaimed heavy rock band, Iron Maiden.

Where ever the road takes him it is sure to be dazzling. For more information on Christopher Sluka and “Colorful Radiation” please visit

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