Rock/Soul Artist Idiot Grins Covers Louvin Brothers 1959 Classic “Satan’s Jeweled Crown”

At first, I wasn’t so sure of this review. Though I am an avid country music fan and overall fan of various styles I had never heard this song. When I first saw the title I was a little hesitant. I’m so glad I continued with this review.

I have covered Idiot Grins before and love all their music. This one stood out so much that I felt it should get some attention. “Satan’s Jeweled Crown” was a 1959 country-gospel classic by the Louvin Brothers, country music, gospel music duo from Henagar Alabama. This more modern-day interpretation hits close to home. It’s beautiful and tastefully done.

The album “Thoughts & Prayers was released in November of 2020, this release is included on that album. Idiot Grins is a rock and soul band from Oakland California but are perfectly matched the alternative country music genre.

Idiot Grins’ Randy Strauss explains: “This all started back in 2017 when the band went to Nashville to master our last album, State of Health. At the Country Music Hall of Fame gift shop, I bought a brand new vinyl copy of Satan is Real by the Louvin Brothers, one of my favorite albums. This is a 1959 classic that has some of the most beautiful country gospel ever recorded, together with one of the most interesting homemade album covers ever.

During these hyper-polarized times, it is pretty clear to me that I would not have very much in common with the Louvin Brothers of the 1940s or 1950’s or much of their audience. Despite this, there is something about the sincerity and earthiness of their music that cuts past all of that and reaches into my soul. I don’t believe we should ignore the painful lessons of our history while we strive for a more hopeful future. I think music is part of that history.”

“Satans Jeweled Crown” is a song mostly about the consequences of our actions in this life, here on earth. It talks of gluttony, sloth, and the desire for earthly riches. It also speaks of paying close attention to the daily threats of evil, of the devil, and his deceitful ways of luring us in.

The music and presentation are superb and inviting and you can’t stop listening or watching until the end. Idiot Grins did a magnificent job on this song.

Quote from music video director Elie M. Khadra:
The music video takes the familiar message from the Louvin Brothers’ “Satan’s Jeweled Crown” into the modern context of America in 2021, juxtaposing imagery of techno-capitalism’s excesses with the peace and tranquility found in salvation. Each scene is built on iconic images and moments from Judeo-Christian art history.

On a personal level, the creative freedom that Randy Strauss and the Idiot Grins granted me is the dream of every filmmaker. After many conversations together, they let me come up with the concept and execute something more elaborate than initially expected, and I’m so grateful for their trust. I have to shout out and pay respect to the whole creative team who also invested their talents into this project, with each individual bringing their own touch to the end result.

Press quote: This is a collection of straightforward, honest, heartfelt, and melancholic stories delivered through a blend of soulful country, gospel, and folkall part of the tapestry of Americana. Capping this off is the masterful production that has a gritty, live feeling that exudes raw authenticity.~HeadStuff by Barra O Suilleabain ~

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