Nashville Recording Artist and Internationally Known Folk Singer Resurrection Fern Releases “Siren”

It was such a pleasure talking with Resurrection Fern regarding her latest release “Siren.” This is the third and the final single that will be released from her EP of the same name.

“In Greek mythology, the “Siren” would lure sailors out to sea to shipwreck with their Song. In this song, Fern’s “Siren” calls her into the Storm to find herself again. As Fern states in her lyrics, “Maybe a storm is what it takes, to make me free.”

You’ll enjoy silky-smooth harmonies from the chorus and glide gently through each of the verses as the lyrics bring into the intoxicating spell of the “Siren.”

All of Resurrection Fern’s music is recorded right here in Nashville at the esteemed Station West Studio and is currently available on all popular digital platforms.

Resurrection Fern has garnered a worldwide following with online digital platform performances. This work of musical art was completely community funded.

Fans can check out live shows at least three times a week on Fern’s channel at, where for the past three years or more she has shared her wave of heartfelt folk music to thousands. Fern has roughly 45,000 followers on Twitch and 22,000 on YouTube.

Hundreds of fans tune in the show multiple times each week for music and question and answer sessions with the artist. By using this online platform it allows Fern the opportunity to connect and live chat with her audience around the world.

To share a little more about this gifted artist, Fern’s love of music holds a firm foundation in her life. Most of her long time fans know that she is challenged by Type 1 Diabetes. This autoimmune disease affects the cells in the body that produce insulin. With this challenge, Fern knew she had to find a way to share her music and her stories with the world. TwitchTv has been the answer.

I know you’re going to love her stories, her music, and her message.

If you like what you hear, and I know for sure you will, and you would like to be part of the “FernFam” just check out the sites below.

Artist Links
Official Website
Youtube Channel

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