Canadian Country Rocker Russell Lee presents “What Do I Do” with video release for the single “Picture”


I hear a taste of country with a splash of folk in the vocals. Soft country with a hint of easy country rock.

Russell Lee courtesy of Empire Music Promotions
Russell Lee courtesy of Empire Music Promotions

The vocals are clear and balanced with a great story to tell. In this new CD you’ll find something for almost everyone. It will take you down memory lane and propel you back to modern day all in just a matter of minutes. This new collection by Russell Lee will keep your feet tapping and toes tickling the floor.

Originally released in 2014 and recorded and mixed at T.A.G. Recording Studios. The album was mixed and Engineered by Tom Koroluk and co-produced by Russell Lee and Tom Koroluk.

His first album, “In The Night” was released in 2005 and was accepted extremely well with serious air time. As the album soared in air play Russell realized he needed to spread his wings, so in 2008 he relocated to Winnipeg, Manitoba where he resides today writing and performing.

In 2014 he presented the world with his second album “What Do I Do.” Along with this fresh new CD Lee also released a new video for his single “Picture” and you can enjoy the video here:

I loved the piano, so fresh and full of life. Easy and smooth but vibrate and inspirational. All the instrumentation is precise. It’s bright, robust and authentic.

songs-of-christmasWhile busy promoting his work Lee was in the process of planning his next inspiring collection and in 2015 released a beautiful collection called “Songs of Christmas.”

Performing at the world-renowned Dauphin, Manitoba Country Fest he has begun to open up and create just the right niche for his amazing voice and talent.

His interpretation of the lyrics to express real life events and emotions is right on. The inflection of his voice and the message in the lyrics of how tough it can be to make just the right connection in a relationship, no matter what it might be is inspirational and heartfelt.

“I Never Know Your Name” falls in the soft rock pallet. It’s a layed back, in the middle of the road, almost southern rock feeling song. The guitar is sharp and rhythmic with a soulful sound.

Photo credit: Empire Music Promotions
Photo credit: Empire Music Promotions

Another upbeat and rocking country tune is “High and Low.” It takes me back to the early 70’s country in almost a rockabilly sound.

There’s a lot of energy in this collection. Without a doubt it’s just good music. There’s never a dull moment in the entire collection.

“Heartache” took me back to Buddy Holly and the 50’s. This entire collection was like taking a trip back in time through some of the best country rock and folk music on the scene. After further review it’s easy to see a strong presence of traditional country mixed with a touch of pop country and rock n roll.

Russell Lee courtesy of Empire Music Promotions
Russell Lee courtesy of Empire Music Promotions

It’s like a shot of penicillin for the soul. It’ll heal your aches and pains and gives you a shot of happiness to start the day.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a listen. Russell Lee is bringing back all the classics mixed in to one great collection of modern day songs. For more information on Russell and where you can catch a show or purchase his music please visit the link below.

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Photo credits/provided by: Empire Music Promotions

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