Bob Marley Celebration Returns May 8th

Since a stormy night in February, Nathan Haddox of Papa Nate Production, has been working hard on the return of a great Reggae show in celebration of Bob Marley! On May 8th Reggae fans will have the opportunity to check out Reggae featured performers MD and Cobalt Blue, Love Healers and Humanity Sound DJ Chubsta!

The doors will open for Bob Marley’s Celebration at 6:00 p.m. and the show will begin at 7:30 p.m. at 3rd & Lindsley, located at 818 3rd Avenue South.

This show is for not only Reggae fans, but also for those that love music. Papa Nate said, “I want to do more to build the Reggae community here in Nashville.” There are many venues for Reggae music. “It seems that music entertainment is still overpopulated with R&B and other styles of music, rather than Reggae,” said Nate.

MD and Cobalt Blue originated in Nashville, TN. Their music is an authentic fusion of multiple music genres who their first album of original music entitled, “Out of the Living Room.” They became popular among colleges. They were then led to perform at clubs and festivals prompting them to receive a nomination for the Nashville Independent Music Award for Best Soul/Funk fusion band. They received this honor four years consecutively. Their brand of music “promotes introspection, love, community, spiritual and social awareness and the celebration of life” through original songs and cover songs of Lauryn Hill, Sade, Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, and Bob Marley among others. This music is tempered with spoken word/hip-hop and said to be “dripping with soul and funk.”

Love Healers are considered not only a band, but a movement. a movement. “It is our belief that we can heal through music so organically our music is pop, reggae with country undertones and the message is healing and love.” Love Healers have showcased their talents in many areas throughout the Metropolitan area. They perform songs from their 12 song album. The songs were written, produced and composed by lead singer Rasa Yana compliments of Neter Ka Sound Technology alongside vocalist and the core of the band, partner Empress Xi.

Humanity Sounds DJ Chubsta will also highlight the nights performance as the in-house DJ. Chubsta is a native of New York City with a Carribbean background that led him to Nashville doing Reggae in dance halls since 1998. However, his beginnings were affiliated with 88.1 WFisk radio station, started in Nashville and 105.9 Cumulus station. Chubsta said, “It’s gonna be a great show! Reggae music is all about the feel and the sound and how the music makes you react.”

“I’m excited about this show. I have had many people asking about the Reggae community and where they can hear some good Reggae talent,” said Papa Nate. “I’m glad to say, May the 8th at 3rd & Lindsley, the Reggae show will be ‘off the hook’!” Nate is glad to have the show to return following its being hampered by the storm in February. He is overjoyed to bring the show back for another great night.

For tickets view the website for 3rd & Lindsley. For more information call 615-481-7372.

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