CD Review: Jason Matthews “Redneck Tendencies”

Jason Matthews, one of today’s top Music Row songwriters, delivers an eleven-track powerhouse country album with Redneck Tendencies. This album from the North Carolina native and the writer of such hits as “Must Be Doin’ Something Right,” a number one for Billy Currington, and “Country Man,” a top 10 hit for Luke Bryan, demonstrates why he is clearly one of the best talents in Music City. Redneck Tendencies is a must for country music lovers. Up Beat, rocking, tunes like “Money In My Mattress” and “Plowboy Mansion,” great love ballads with “Get It Right The First Time” and “Always Got Time For You,” strong uplifting and emotional stirring songs like “More Power To Ya” and “There’s Gotta Be A God Out There Somewhere”—it’s got it all. Great writing and great vocals make it an overall great album. For more information visit

7 Stars

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