Celebrity Photographer Billy Hess Nominated for Josie Music Award 2024 

Celebrity Photographer Billy Hess is excited to be nominated as Photographer of the Year via the Josie Music Awards. Hess has photographed rockers and superstars including the likes of Boy George, Adam Ant, The Struts, Bon Jovi, Bette Midler, Cyndi Lauper, Randy Edelman, Yo MTV Rap 35th Anniversary, Flavor Flav, Dionne Warwick, The Village People, and a marathon of others. 

The 10th Annual Josie Music Awards will be held on Saturday October 26th @ the CMA Theater in the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum followed by award ceremonies on Sunday October 27th @ the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville TN. The weekend will be brimming with artists of all genres, entertainment, surprises, excitement and more. 

Co-founders Tinamarie Passantino and Josie Passantino-Boone believe that everyone should follow their dream. The JMAs help the independent artist find a place in the music industry. The JMAs are the largest, most prestigious, most revered and respected event and association in the independent music industry. Tickets to this triumphant event can be found on their website https://www.josiemusicawards.com .

Stay tuned to the Josie Music Awards website and Facebook page for more nomination announcements. 

Congratulations to Billy Hess for his hard work and for his nomination. He captures the souls of those he photographs inside the images of his pictures and spends countless hours perfecting each portrait. His pictures reflect every man’s virtue and vice showing up with an unusual clarity. He creates echoes of memories of the past and traps his images in the amber of the moment….

The official for Billy Hess Photography may be found at https://www.billyhess.com

Photo Credit: Jeff Eason

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