Undeniable “Must-Hear” Album Out In Early Fall

Melody Roundup Music, LLC is proud to re-introduce music product from defined vocalist and master musician—Clinton Gregory.

After a 17-year departure from the spotlight as a performer and sought-after fiddle player, both in the studio and on stage, country star Clinton Gregory [“(If It Weren’t For Country Music) I’d Go Crazy”/”Play, Ruby Play”/”Who Needs It”] returns with his seventh national recording project, TOO MUCH AIN’T ENOUGH. ** Scheduled for release on September 18, 2012, the long-awaited composition is steeped in emotional transparencies, tall tale stores and tell-all narratives, and resurrects the infinite fiber the country music format was built upon.


Noted as one of “the best” fiddle players over the past two decades, TOO MUCH AIN’T ENOUGH (produced by Gregory and Jamie Creasy) showcases Gregory’s trademarked kick-ass, world-class fiddle wizardry and multi-faceted musical talents (as an instrumentalist and a singer’s singer)–combined effortlessly into a compelling chronicle from start to finish. Addressing varied emotions of life, relationships and inner-struggles, TOO MUCH AIN’T ENOUGH envelopes and carries the listener on a journey capturing self re-discovery, heartache and hopelessness, loneliness and desperation, religious convictions and more.


“In a way, I feel like I’m starting all over again, but I’m just picking up where I left off,” Gregory introduces. “We recorded music that you don’t often hear a lot of anymore. It’s meaty and moves emotion; it will change your mood, make you smile or wreck your day. It’s my kind of music!”


Gregory’s debut single from the album, entitled “She Did” (released to radio on June 5, 2012/CDX Vol. 547), is enjoying early, overwhelming and welcomed response, jumping up 50 spots on the chart within a two-week period, proving that the listening public is yearning for the traditional country sounds of Clinton Gregory. Exposing the vulnerability of undying love in the most tragic of circumstances, a love lost, the lead-off single emphasizes Gregory’s pure vocals, drawing the listener into the heartbreak of a man who’s left with all his material possessions, but not his most prized.


Apropos to Clinton Gregory, the opening track, “Too Country For Nashville,” sets the tone–-true, genuine, honest country. As member of the Nashville community since 1987, Gregory has remained steadfast to keep the traditional country sound alive (making special appearances on the Grand Ole Opry nearly 30 times during his career), and “Too Country For Nashville” does exactly that to paint the vibrant colors of the “old Nashville” sound complemented by the charm of people and places of days gone by.


The CD canvasses a rainbow of emotions. Tracks tugging at heart-strings: “It Took Every Tear,” “Chase Away The Lonely,” ”Bridges” and the title-track “Too Much Ain’t Enough;” the humorous, tongue-and-cheek tunes “You Play Like Chet” and “If That Ain’t Jones” highlight Gregory’s jovial side; and the cuts “You Smile” and “The New” reveal his positive character and will to conquer the many trials and tribulations he has faced in his lifetime—identifying struggles as “merely minor detours.” Along his passage, Gregory put pen to paper to craft “Has Love Taken Its Toll” and “Crucifixion.” As the premiere of his songwriting, Gregory exposes yet another facet of musical talent that defines the powerful artist and man he is today.


“Working with Clinton has been an amazing experience. I knew the moment I heard his voice that he was one of the most under-recognized and hidden talents in country music,” stated Jamie Creasy, President Melody Roundup Music. “For years, he has been known for his fiddle playing; this dynamic project identifies Clinton as an all-around, incredible, award-winning talent who cannot not and should not be ignored.”


Gregory shot the corresponding music video “She Did” in Music City’s own backyard at locations in Crockett Park, Brentwood and Columbia, TN. Illuminating the storyline, the piece is posed to be a literal representation, enhancing visually the sheer emotion of love and love lost.


The CD will be available via all major Internet retail outlets including Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody and more.


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  1. I have been a fan & friend of Cliton & his family for many years .Went to see him almost every where. I have missed him so much & very happy for this new thing in his life.Love him& his music!

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