Curt Chambers Releases New EP, 85 South

Curt Chambers dropped a surprise EP, “85 South” this month. Chambers uses his signature skills and music craft that fans have come to celebrate in the country music world. He employs new elements in the release to establish himself as a premier force by blending his masterful musicality incorporating hip hop and r&b into his solid country sound. The hardest feat of any cross-genre artist is the simple yet perplexing execution of sporting a dual identity without contradiction. 

What exactly lets Chambers blend such vastly different styles together could be his subject matter. Whether he is rapping or singing, love is a common theme on his release (too bad the name Interstate Love Song was taken!) Clever and quirky lines like “Catching vibes like a touchdown” (My Radio) and “Love is waiting for you on a platter of gold” (Have it Your Way) show both his ability to write songs about love that break the mold while also showing his sense of humor.

Not only does Curt tower as a songwriter and singer, but his power as an instrumentalist comes into full swing on the last track “Smoke Break,” which was recorded in one take. A smooth minor chord progression loops to make room for over ten minutes of powerful and authoritative  Hendrix-esque soloing, opting to take us on rides with his lines as opposed to just filling space with licks. His authority on his instrument is felt through the record, highlighting the rarity of a musician who can improvise art in the moment yet also write for a lifetime, both at an extremely high level.

Curt Chambers is an American singer, songwriter, producer and recording artist who has gained notoriety for his unique fusion of rock, soul, country and hip-hop. The Philadelphia native’s gifts as a musician were cultivated both at home and in church, where he was raised to appreciate multiple musical genres and was influenced heavily by gospel, soul, blues and country.

Curt has earned a variety of accolades, including a Grammy nomination and an ASCAP award for his contribution as a songwriter to the hit “Finding My Way Back,” performed by R&B recording artist Jaheim. In the past, he’s written for Eminem, Lenny Kravitz, Miguel and Jamie Foxx. He recently received another Grammy nomination for his work on the critically acclaimed album “Compton” with hip-hop pioneer Dr. Dre. Recently signed to WME, Curt has been putting down his roots in country music for the past two years.

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