Curtis Lyn Cook Lights Up Full Moon Saloon On Lower Broadway in Nashville, TN


Curtis Lyn Cook

The Full Moon Saloon on Broadway in Nashville was definitely the place to be on January the 14th 2012. South East Missouri native Curtis Lyn Cook a.k.a. CLC once again showed Nashville what honky-tonkin’ was all about when he packed an afternoon house.

CLC is well known for his powerfully deep vocals that take the listener on an outlaw’s ride through the foothills of all our Country heroes and he was at his very vocal best for this show as usual. Coupled with the talented band that was backing him up, we were in for the best show Nashville had to offer. J. R. Merseal on steel guitar, Rod Riley on lead guitar, Leon Watson on bass guitar and Tommy Mastro on drums They are the Saturday afternoon band at The Full Moon Saloon. Collectively these guys have played with the likes of Merle Haggard, Ricky Van Shelton, Tracy Byrd, Tanya Tucker and many others.

The audience was captivated by CLC’s larger than life stage presence (he’s a big ‘ole boy) and it was quite impressive to watch him sign autographs while performing without missing a beat or note. The entire rowdy crowd could not wait to see what was next and that became very apparent when the people that were coming in off the street took seats and stayed for the entire show instead of moving on down to the next bar or club after a song or two as is common on Broadway.

Showing his blue collar roots CLC fired into a brand-new original song entitled WATCHING AMERICA IDLE that starts out with “I’m a working man but I don’t have a job. I’m not begging for a handout, I’m not looking to get robbed…” He continued to paint a picture of the working man in our current state of the economy when he sang, “The good Lord gives and Uncle Sam just gives it away…I won’t stand aside and let them take what’s vital, while we’re watching America idle”.

Although WATCHING AMERICA IDLE has been played on this was the first live performance of that song in Nashville and every line is so lyrically strong that it will likely be a chart topper in this election year. It certainly was a hit with the folks on Broadway.

Another first for Nashville was a social media song that CLC penned just before his trip to Music City that shows his humorous side. It’s a tune entitled YOU CAN PUT YOUR TWITTER ON MY FACEBOOK ANYTIME. Pure genius went into the writing of that number as virtually everyone identifies with some form of social media and we all enjoy a funny song that is on the edge. The audience reaction was both immediate and intense with hoops and hollers well in to the start of the next song.

Big Joe Matthews

For the record CLC has been in the top 50 of THE ROOTS MUSIC REPORT for 32 straight weeks with his 2011 album JUST MY LUCK that was cdbaby’s #1 album for both the Honky-Tonk and Outlaw categories. CLC also rocked the saloon with a few of the originals from that album including the title track. However most notably from that original set was fittingly the song OUTLAWS (check out the video on YouTube). CLC wrote OUTLAWS about some of his Country Music heroes. As a matter of fact that admirable piece of art could have just as well been entitled Heroes and with a line like “Now none of this music would mean anything without the grace of God and a little Jim Beam…” it once again had the locals riled up. The bartender was pouring straight shots of Jim Beam all up and down the bar after that one was over. When asked about that line CLC said, “I just opened my mouth one day and it just kinda fell out”.

A very special guest to the stage was Big Joe Matthews, co-editor of the Nashville Music Guide as well as the host of Big Joe’s Big Radio Show on Big Joe is definitely a big man that takes a huge stand on the stage. He performed a feel good tune, THEY CALL ME THE ROOSTER and it was a feather plucking good time that had folks scratching up the dance floor.

Complimentary copies of the Nashville Music Guide with a feature story about Curtis Lyn Cook were passed around to all in attendance. The Nashville Music Guide was well represented; even one of the contributing writers, Phil Sweetland came by to hear CLC. Phil Sweetland is also a contributor for The New York Times and owner/CEO of Country Insider e-magazine.

By the way, should it be mentioned that there was a Saints game on during the show? Maybe not since no one seemed to notice. That is really saying a lot considering that a whole gang from Louisiana including Captain Joe Kent was there.

Captain Joe Kent is the owner/CEO of the uniquely named Boat Trash Publishing that manages Curtis Lyn Cook. He is also the co-writer of a few of the songs that were performed that afternoon.

A honky-tonk storm descended down on The Full Moon Saloon and lit up Broadway with an intensely rowdy good time. Don’t miss the next show; be sure to put your Twitter on Curtis Lyn Cook’s Facebook and poke him so you can keep up with his schedule.



  1. Joe and Denise, It surely was great to have you all there and be a part of the day! I appreciate those kind comments from you both. You know we love you guys. Loyalty comes in many forms but no loyalty is greater than from 2 of the most special people in our lives. I’m enjoying this ride we’re on. Hope ya’ll are too.

  2. I was there!! It was the best damn show in Nashville!! I hollered til my throat was sore, danced til my knees were weak!! Great job my outlaw brother!! Thanks to the entire NMG crew for the outstanding story!! I heard a bunch of originals that are sure to be hits!! See you at the top of the charts!!

  3. i had the honor of bring at this show and I was so excited it was awesome the best music I have heard the house was packed the hands clapping feet stomping it was a full moon alright. can’t wait for Curtis Lyn Cook to come back to broadway if you were nor there you missed one of the greatest show. love mt bro CLC.

  4. I’m a singer/songwriter and a good friend of Curtis Lynn Cook. Glad to see such a wonderful article on my friend. We’re from the same hometown and pick together on occasion. Nashville Music Guide looks like it has it’s act together. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Dave. I value our friendship and have a mutual respect for your songwriting ability. Keep penning those songs brother, someday we’ll have a hit!!!

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