Dallas Remington Performing New Singles Around the Country

Country singer and songwriter Dallas Remington – how could a name be any more country than that? – has been kicking around Nashville for more than a decade, developing her singing, writing and performing skills by being in the middle of things since junior high school. Several of the Kentucky native’s original releases have found slots on various Billboard and MusicRow charts, and when she’s not home in Nashville she’s building a following on the road as both a solo act and with her band, Gypsy Highway.

“I started performing in Nashville when I was 11,” Remington said, “so I’ve been doing this for over half my life now. My goal has always just been making a living at what I love, which is music. And ultimately as songwriters, our goal is to help change peoples’ lives. Maybe that’s a bold statement. But if I can make people feel something, if I can affect people with my songwriting and my performances, then that’s the main goal.”

“The past couple years I’ve been traveling solo,” she continued, discussing the time she spends driving to wherever the stage beckons. “We did our first full-band gig since Covid this year. I’ve spent a lot of time in western New York, I spent a lot of time in the Wyoming-Montana area doing solo gigs. We pick up whatever full-band gigs we can, whether it’s St. Louis, New York, anywhere they’re gonna hire us to play, you know? I love to travel, and I like music, so I’ve found a groove that allows me to do both.”

A lot of acts who play live as much as Remington have trouble finding enough hours in the day to write new material and spend time in the studio. But Remington is one of those artists whose productivity rate puts many of us to shame. With co-writers like Cynthia Torres (Garth Brooks) and Billy Lee (Gary Allan), she has been recording and releasing new songs at the dizzying rate of more than one a month for over a year, partnering with a favorite engineer to craft the sound she hears in her head.

“I’ve been using Claw Sound Studios a little north of Nashville, my friend Corey Lawson,” she said. “We started doing full production songs in September 2021, and we’ve done 16 singles since then. Digitally, it makes more sense to release singles so we can do individual promotion for them. But we’re going to put together a full (album) so that when we get back on the road more full-time we have something. (to sell at shows).”

While Remington would be hard-pressed to find a Broadway club or singer-songwriter venue in Nashville where she hasn’t appeared since she moved to town full-time at 15, there are still a couple special stages she hasn’t graced. One of them is the stage of the Mother Church of Country Music, the Ryman Auditorium, and the other one is probably the most famous stage in the world for country music performers and fans alike.

“I grew up with what we’ll call ‘traditional’ country music, and the Grand Ole Opry is just everything to me,” she said. “That’s what I grew up with, listening to the Opry, going to the Opry from a young age. That would just be my ultimate goal, a dream come true, to play on the Opry stage.”

You can follow Remington’s latest releases and travels at dallasremington.com.

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