Dallas Wayne Releases Song “That Should Be Me and You”

The story of the legendary Dallas Wayne has been one with its share of twists and turns that led the
Missouri native in a bevy of different directions, from an accomplished songwriter to a fun-loving disc
jockey to an insightful producer to an extremely talented artist. But through it all, the country music
traditionalist kept his eye firmly affixed on the dream he wanted to make come true.

And that dream was to make a living writing and performing his music. “It’s been a long, strange
journey,” he says with a slight laugh. “Whether it be as a singer or a songwriter or a radio guy, or even
the dabbling in acting and voiceover stuff that I’ve done over the years, it’s all just been one big
adventure. And I love big adventures.”

His latest adventure is the release of his new album Coldwater, Tennessee, set to release April 22. It’a an exemplary piece of musical mastery bolstered by the release of his single “That Should Be Me and You” that further cements Wayne’s place in the history of country music and provides yet another reason why his story is meant to be forever told.

“That Should Be Me and You” is a song of lost love. A guy thinking of a love that he once had with that special someone, but they are no longer together. It’s heart-wrenching and full of emotion.

Dallas Wayne considers himself lucky to be able to make a living doing something he loves. Some people might say it has more to do with talent than luck. 

Dallas has performed throughout North America and Europe, releasing 12 albums of his own, and performing on various compilation and band recordings including the honky-tonk supergroups Heybale! and the TwangBangers, as well as a Grammy-nominated bluegrass album. He began performing professionally while in school before moving to Nashville, where he developed his vocal style singing demos for the top music publishing houses and started songwriting. While touring Europe in the early 90s, Dallas signed a record deal and soon moved to Scandinavia where he was a staff songwriter for Warner/Chappell Music. After four years living and touring in Europe, Dallas returned to the U.S. and signed with HighTone Records.

He currently lives in Bristol TN/VA, the Birthplace of Country Music.

On the Air, Dallas can be heard six days a week on SiriusXM Radio: Monday through Friday from noon to 6 p.m. Eastern at Willie’s Roadhouse (channel 59), Tuesday through Friday in Outlaw Country (channel 60) from 10 a.m. to noon Eastern, and Sunday from 10 a.m. to noon Eastern at Willie’s Roadhouse.

Dallas got his start in radio in 1989, drawing on his many years as a performer. He solidified his radio career when he joined Outlaw Country on Sirius Radio in 2005. A year later he accepted a position at KHYI 95.3 FM in Dallas, Texas, where he served as Program Director and morning drive-time DJ until the end of 2007. After the merger of Sirius and XM in 2008, Dallas became On-Air Personality and Associate Format Manager for the Texas-based honky-tonk channel Willie’s Place, which later became Willie’s Roadhouse.

For more information visit: dallaswayne.com