Dannie Marie’s Anything I Wanna Be Album Review

Dannie Marie has a Taylor Swift with an edge kind of feel. I found that her sound is Taylor Swift meets Britany Spears. Edgy but fun. Her music is upbeat. Her album has a balance of fast pace and slow songs. From feisty songs of breakups to love songs.  I feel like this would be a great album to listen to during a summertime road trip.
All of her songs tell a new story. She does a great job of talking about life and the journey girls go through over time. Heartache and finding love seem to be her main themes.
“Here Comes the Bride” gives the picture of the little fantasy wedding with a tragic end. What I enjoyed most about this song was the alternate ending with the “Wedding Version”. It allowed for the fairy tale ending every little girl dreams of while I can see the original version tugs at your heart strings of young girls everywhere.
“Anything I Wanna Be” is an encouraging song. It has the ability to make you feel free to do whatever you choose in life. This is possibly my favorite song on the album because of the encouraging message throughout. Sound wise “Anything I Wanna Be” I really enjoyed the banjo.
“It’s Workin’ On Me” is a song that stuck out to me because it has a balance of her edgy, but sweet sound. It took me back to my high school crush years.
Dannie Marie has written all of the songs presented on her album Countin’ Down Summertime. The album showcases here a California girl with a small town feel. She is family oriented as her mother is her manager and her brother plays guitar for her band. Her music is pop country. I definitely see her album inspiring young adults everywhere.
Review by Taraya Jones, June 2017
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