Darlins claim a rising star during opening for Montgomery Gentry in Richmond VA

Earlier this year I spoke with Erinn Bates and Jude Toy, The Darlins, about great things on the horizon for them and their career. The last few years have pretty much sky rocketed for them and placed them on the forefront of what looks to be the making of 2014 being the year of The Darlins.

Recently Jude and Erinn had the opportunity to open for legendary country music duo Montgomery Gentry in Richmond VA and once the show was over The Darlins had gained a tremendous amount of new fans, and caught the eyes of other influential people in the music industry.

These beautiful ladies are truly deserving of the amazing opportunities coming their way and in a candid conversation with Jude and Erinn, I was able to find out just how amazing the show in Richmond really was.

Lyrics N Legends: I know you guys must have been so excited and ecstatic about the show describe the excitement the day before and how it felt:

Jude: “It was amazing, I felt totally blessed and excited to be there. We worked incredibly hard so it felt really good.”

Erinn: “The day before the show, Jude and I were on cloud 9. Everything was going by so fast! Opening for Montgomery Gentry has always been a dream of mine.”

This year has definitely been a breakthrough year for Erinn and Jude. Their new album is set for release in early 2014, they have a new partnership coming with world renowned cosmetic giant Sephora, they have caught the eye of major influences in the country music industry and the fan base is growing rapidly.

Lyrics N Legends: What was the energy like when you first met with Montgomery Gentry?

Jude: “I was blown away, they are such nice guys and very down to earth. We are major fans too, so it was really cool to meet them and find out they were so kind and humble.”

Erinn: “I had met Eddie Montgomery a few months earlier and he was very kind. I had heard great things about Troy Gentry and when we met them after the show, they couldn’t have been any nicer. We were so excited to shake their hands. They put on a fantastic show”

Lyrics N Legends: Standing on stage must have given you a tremendous feeling of excitement and elation that dreams are coming true, describe how that feels, to actually see that the hard work is paying off.

Jude: “We have worked incredibly hard and it is so nice to see it start to pay off. We have such strong faith and believe all things are possible. I do feel blessed and grateful to God for all the wonderful things happening.”

Erinn: “Playing the show in Richmond was hands down the best I’ve ever felt on stage. People were cheering and feeling the music with us. We had played big shows before, but the fact that we were voted by the public to be on that very stage just made the energy even greater.”

The music industry is an industry that can be unforgiving at times and filled with exuberant blessings and rewards at others. It isn’t just a career it’s a way of life.

Jude and Erinn understand that and know all too well what it takes to make it in an career that demands hard work, long hours, and steady nerves of steal when it comes to critics and reviews, The Darlins have shown us, that if you truly have dedication and commitment, you can achieve the goals you set in place for yourself.

Great things are happening so head on over to www.thedarlins.com and check out all the excitement. You can also visit www.facebook.com/jude.toy or www.facebook.com/erinn.bates.9?fref=ts and www.facebook.com/thedarlinsmusic and you’ll be sure not miss out on all the new stuff coming up.

Lyrics N Legends recommends “The Darlins” as 2014’s artist to watch.

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