David Frizzell’s “Say Hello to Heaven” Raises Awareness and Money for MADD

David Frizzell “Say Hello to Heaven” 

Not another living soul can deliver a song with deep, raw
emotion like David Frizzell. With his forthcoming single, “Say Hello To
Heaven,” the legendary singer has found a compelling story worthy of his
vocal gift. The song will be used to raise awareness and money for Mothers
Against Drunk Driving (MADD).


Written by Nashville musician and producer, Buddy Hyatt, “Say Hello To
Heaven” pulls at the heartstrings with the story of a wife and mother lost
to her loved ones in a car accident. Sadly, it is a story that rings true
for the Frizzell family, who lost David’s niece in 1998 when a drunk driver
was responsible for her death on her 32nd birthday.


“MADD was there even before I or others in the family could get there,”
Frizzell says. “They provided so much care and support; services that I had
no idea they offered.”


Frizzell has called 2012 his “year of giving back.” With an upcoming special
on RFD-TV, he will launch a promotion using the song to shine the light on
the dangers of driving while impaired, and on the good work done by MADD.


The “Frizzell & Friends” show will be taped at The Texas Troubadour Theater,
home of the famed Midnight Jamboree radio show, and feature appearances by
Hyatt, Jett Williams, Jimmy Fortune and Moe Bandy. A phone bank will be in
place to take calls from fans wanting to purchase music or donate directly
to MADD. A portion of all music sales will also be donated to the
organization. Representatives of the organization will also be part of the
show which airs on March 29 and will be rebroadcast on March 30. The
promotion is sponsored in part by the generous support of Liberty Tax




David Frizzell, younger brother to the legendary Lefty Frizzell, is a
singer, songwriter, producer and author.

David has released a book on the life of his late brother, Lefty Frizzell,
and has written screen plays and children’s projects. He continues to record
and tour, often with other legendary artists including his former duet
partner, Shelly West. David Frizzell is the producer of the “Frizzell &
Friends” shows.

For more information, visit www.davidfrizzell.com



MADD was incorporated on September 5, 1980, the mission or purposes of MADD
as stated in its Articles of Incorporation were “To aid the victims of
crimes performed by individuals driving under the influence of alcohol or
drugs, to aid the families of such victims and to increase public awareness
of the problem of drinking and drugged driving.”

In 1984, MADD changed its name from Mothers Against Drunk Drivers to Mothers
Against Drunk Driving. This carefully considered change was made because
MADD is opposed to the criminal act of drunk driving, not individuals. MADD
also updated its mission statement to “Mothers Against Drunk Driving
provides grassroots leadership to create major social change in the attitude
and behavior of Americans toward drunk driving.”

In 1985, MADD’s mission statement was again updated. The mission read,
“Mothers Against Drunk Driving mobilizes victims and their allies to
establish the public conviction that impaired driving is unacceptable and
criminal, in order to promote corresponding public policies, programs and
personal responsibility.”

In 1992, MADD adopted a more simplified mission statement, which was “The
mission of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is to stop drunk driving and
support the victims of this violent crime.

By 1999, MADD had greatly expanded its work on preventing underage drinking
and emerging research underscored our efforts to prevent youth alcohol use.
MADD’s efforts in this area were also encouraged and supported by the
government, corporations, educators, the media and public. The mission
statement was officially changed to make preventing underage drinking a
free-standing prong of the mission. The updated mission, which continues to
guide the organization today, read “The mission of Mothers Against Drunk
Driving is to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime
and prevent underage drinking.” To date, MADD’s work has saved nearly
300,000 lives.and counting.

For more information, visit www.madd.org


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