“Diamond and Demons by Paul Maged

Diamonds and Demons courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Diamonds and Demons courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Paul Maged is straight out of the gate rock and roll. He reminds me of a hard rocking Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen. He’s ballad moments are reminiscent of early Joel and Springsteen but if you really listen you’ll hear parts of Blind Melon, Soundgarden, and Stone Temple Pilots.

“Diamonds & Demons” was released on September 23, 2014 and lends a focus on a vast range of humanitarian concepts such as our rapidly evolving culture relating to religion and society, climate change, controversial social issues, and war.

He’s songs are from the heart and soul. Bold, aggressive, wide open, and throw it in your face reality describes what you find in this album.

These songs are about a journey. “Look At Me” is about greed and selfishness in today’s society and how it effects us all. Riveting, edgy and fast driving. The music is rockin and the lyrics are realistic. The music makes you want to move and the lyrics will wake you up to both sides of life.

“Diamonds and Demons” makes us look at ourselves in an entirely different way. I love the way Maged takes the music and can express exactly what each and every one of us has experienced at some point in our lives.

Maged pulls on real life situations to express the real life issues we face every day. He takes the hard stuff, the tough stuff and turns it into a musical sound bite that challenges us to face up to what society is doing to itself. He takes the personal side of tragedy and turns it into a inspiration to overcome.

Blending this emotional expression with a passion to wake up the world he uses his magnetic energy to take rock and roll all the way to the next level, the outer stratosphere.

Inspired by artists such as Elvis Costello, Pearl Jame, Springsteen and Billy Joel, Maged is magical. “Blind Faith” is one of my favorites. It opens with a beautiful piano rift and then bursts into a heart pounding full rock out explosion. It speaks of birth to death and how society tempts us to live by others rules. We loose ourselves. It brings about doubt and loneliness when we sell out ourselves for something of blind faith. Beautiful.

Paul Maged courtesy of Independent Music Promotions
Paul Maged courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Please check out Paul Maged at the following sites and jump on board with this new album. You’ll love it.

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