Doug Stone Puts Twist On Acoustic Fan Club Performance

I have always enjoyed going to fan club parties for a variety of reasons. It gives fans an opportunity to interact with their favorite artist and hear an intimate performance. As someone who attends big concerts frequently, I look forward to the fan club performances in particular. These are always good and sometimes turn out to be more entertaining that the artist’s arena show.

Most artists offer a stripped down performance, leaving the full band behind to deliver an acoustic set. Doug Stone is one of those artists that has a voice suited for an acoustic performance. Still, he told his fan club this year that he had grown tired of doing acoustic shows, so he went in the studio and recorded the instrumental tracks on a CD. Jokingly, Stone called it his pocket band.

It was nice to hear Stone’s classic songs, especially with the sound of a full band behind him. His voice has always impressed me. Stone sang the songs and played acoustic guitar as well. Stone has such a natural voice and I believe it’s gotten better over the years. It was a pleasure to see him on stage also making jokes and being conversational.

The event was held at Rooster’s BBQ. The fan club was treated to a barbecue lunch before Stone’s performance.

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